Di fferent types of solution?


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Different types of solutions are the hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic.

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The types of solution are liquid(aqeous), solid, and gaseous.

syrup * is one type of solution.

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A solution is a homogeneous mixture.

there are 3 types of solutions. they are saturated solution, unsaturated solution and super saturated solution.

A solution differs from other types of mixtures because one component of a solution can dissolve into another component. A solution will be uniform throughout and does settle into any different compound.

If you start out with a solution and you put the same amount of solution in different types of glassware, it will always be the same no matter what.

aqueous(water) solution, gas solution, (metal) alloys=solid

soil is a solution because of the multiply types of particles.

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homogeneous and heterogeneous

Saturated, supersaturated, and unsaturated

Traction, suspension, solution, saltation

prepare a concentrated aqueous solution of di chromate and add solid KOH warm till orange colour change to yellow and then filter the solution the filtrate is allow to evaporate and get solid potassium chromate.

I believe plant cells prefer a hypotonic solution.

The Four Types of Mixture are:Mechanical MixtureSolutionSuspensionColloids

There are Two types of physiological solutions: primeiry and secondary BY Rana

there are two types of standard solution 1 primary 2 secondary

by solvent extraction. sulfur can be dissolve in carbon di sulphide solution.

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