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urdu meaning for aniseeds

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Q: Dictionary meaning of aniseed in urdu?
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What is aniseed in urdu?

Aniseed meaning in urdu is saunf

Which is one of the best online urdu dictionary?

iJunoon online Urdu dictionary is best online Urdu dictionary

Where you can get urdu to urdu dictionary?


What is the meaning of nazia in urdu dictionary?

فخر كرنے والي - fakhar karnay wali

What has the author Abdul Haq written?

Abdul Haq has written: 'Standard Urdu English Dictionary' 'English-Urdu Dictionary (Star Series of Dictionaries)' 'English-Urdu and Urdu-English Combined Dictionary'

English to urdu?

iJunoon online Urdu Dictionary

What are some websites for URDU to English dictionary?

Some sites for URDU to English dictionary is URDU to English Translation - Babylon. Look up URDU Word and that shows English to Urdu, Urdu Script to English and Roman Urdu to English.

What does the Urdu word tahrir mean?

'Tahrir' means a writing or composition. This meaning is correct as i have recently downloaded a good urdu to English Dictionary wherein the urdu words are also written in English script.

Which is best online urdu dictionary?

Some popular online Urdu dictionaries include Rekhta, UrduPoint, and Easy Urdu dictionary. It ultimately depends on personal preference and which features you find most useful for your needs.

Where can you find an Urdu dictionary?

One can find an Urdu dictionary online on the official Urdu language web site. A dedicated agent will help you understand any words of Urdu that you need help with.

Can you download English to urdu dictionary?


Have you a dictionary in urdu to English?

I don't have access to a dictionary in Urdu to English, but I can try to help with translations or definitions to the best of my ability. Feel free to ask!