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Yes she did

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Q: Did Aaliyah die at hospital
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What hospital was Aaliyah born in?

The exact hospital where Aaliyah was born has never been disclosed. She was born in the city of Brooklyn, New York.

When the singer Aaliyah die did she die headless?


Did Aaliyah die because her plane crashed into a mountain?

No, Aaliyah's plane crashed into a swamp. She died on impact.

What day did Aaliyah die on?

August 25 2001

What did Aaliyah's father die from?

He died of kidney failure.

What films is Aaliyah in?

Aaliyah has been in Queen of the Damned, in which she played Queen Akasha, and Romeo Must Die as Trish O'Day.

Did Aaliyah father die?

Aaliyah's father passed away before Christmas in 2012. Fans found out by visiting Aaliyah's grave and seeing that now her father, Michael Haughton, is buried above her in their family crypt. May he and Aaliyah rest in peace.

Which movie was Aaliyah in?

Queen of the Damned & Romeo Must Die

Did Lisa Lopes Die Before Aaliyah?

No. Aaliyah died August 25, 2001; Lisa Lopes died April 25, 2002.

What year day and month did Aaliyah die?

She Died On August 25th 2001

Where did Aaliyah haughton die'?

Cause Of Death Air Disaster Respiratory Failure.

What plane did Aaliyah die in?

word is it was at 6:45pm && it was the same time she was born january 16, 1979 ... jus sadd