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If you are asking if he got a special pay as a astronaut , then the answer is no as they only get their salary as officer.

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Q: Did Alan Shepard receive any special pay?
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Did Alan Shepherd have siblings?

There is no mentioning of Alan Shepard having siblings in any biographical information. They only mention him and his parents, Renza Shepard and Captain Alan B. Shepard, Sr.

Did alan shepard bring any animal to moon?

No. No crew brought animals to the moon.

When did Alan Shepard die?

No. Admiral Shepard died of Leukemia on July 21st, 1998.

First astronaut in space?

The first astronaut in space was the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in April of 1961. His flight lasted for 108 minutes in which he orbited Earth once. The first American in space was Alan Shepard in May of 1961.

Did any golf balls that went to the moon return to earth?

No, Alan Shepard did not retrieve either of the balls he hit to return them to earth.

Does Alan Shepard have any brothers or sisters?

All I know is that he has a brother that is my friend's dad. Her name is Carly Shulman and it is her dad that is his brother

Did Alan sheerer have any children?

Two: Laura Shepard Snyder, July 2, 1947; Julie Coleman, March 16, 1951

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How was the first American in space?

I can only assume you mean 'who' and not 'how' since 'how' does not make any sense. The 'who' was Alan Shepard who flew Freedom 7 to an altitude of 117 miles on May 5, 1961.

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