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Q: Did Alan shepherd played golf on moon?
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What was the first game played in the moon?

I think it was Golf. Alan Shepherd had a hit in 1971 during a mission.Golf was first played on the moon, and is now also played on the ISS (international space station).golf neil armstorng teed off on the moon

Has man ever played golf on the moon?

Alan Shepard was the first person to play golf on the Moon. He was the fifth person overall to walk on the Moon.

How long was alan shepherd on the moon?

Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard spent about 33 hours on the moon. In addition to conducting some experiments and collecting rocks, Shepard hit two golf balls while on the moon.

Did Armstrong play golf on the moon?

Yes he did play golf on the moon.

How far did Alan Shepherd hit a golf ball on the moon?

Shepard esitmated the ball traveled 200-300 yards, however no actual measurement was taken.

What happened in Apollo 14?

Apollo 14 is the mission with the famous golf ball on the moon. Commander Alan Shepherd (also the first American in space) hit two golf balls while on the moon to demonstrate the lower gravity on the lunar surface.

Who was the 5th man to go to the moon?

The fifth man to walk on the moon was Alan Shepherd.

Appollo program played golf on the moon?

During the Apollo 14 moon mission Alan B. Shepard hit a golf ball on the moon.

Who left the golf balls on the moon?

Alan Shepard

What was the name of the astronaut that golfed on the moon?

Alan Shepherd ,Apollo 14

What did Alan sheperd do after he landed on the moon?

Hit a golf ball?

Which Apollo mission played a game of golf on the moon?

None. Alan Shephard hit two golf balls with a six-iron on 6th February 1971 - when he was part of the Apollo 14 mission. That does not qualify as "played a game of golf".