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No he didn't.

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Q: Did Alexis de Tocqueville believe that the proliferation of groups was detrimental to a democracy?
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What did Alexis de Tocqueville believe would provide limitation on any excess of democracy?


Who coined the term individualism?

I believe it was coined by Alexis de Tocqueville in his "Democracy in America" about 1835.

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The radical Republicans did believe that Catholicism was a threat to the democracy of the US because of the anti-democracy teachings then.

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A democracy.

Do Christians believe in democracy?

yes, in fact the only lasting democracy was based of many things Christians believe, this democracy was America (not as we know it but the way it was 200 years ago)

What do you call a government in which you the people elect their leaders?

The Democracy

Did Draco believe in democracy?


Why did George Washington believe that economic democracy should precede political democracy?

he didnt

What type of government did Hiawatha believe in?

Democracy, I think

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Why did ancient Athens believe in democracy was the best form of government for them?

The direct democracy gave power to the people so the people supported it.

What created the first direct democracy in the America?

I do believe it was the Articles of Confederation