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No, she did not.

No, Amelia never had any children.

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2020-11-17 17:11:46

well then-

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Did Amelia Earhart have and children?

Amelia never had any children.

Did Amelia earhart have any childeren?

no she did not have any children

Amelia Mary Earhart- did she adopt?

Amelia ear hart did not have any children or adopt any children

Did Amelia Earhart have children?

no she didntNo, but she did have a husband known as George Putnam.

Did Amelia Earhart have chirlden?

Amelia had no children.

Did Amelia Earhart's sister have any kids?

Amelia Earhart never had any children and neither did her sister Muriel. So therefore the Earhart family is no longer in existence.

Did Amelia have any children?

No, Amelia Earhart did not have any children because she had a flying career and didn't want to have to leave them on a short notice so her and her husband decided not to have any children. :)

Does Amelia Earhart have any criminal records?

Amelia Earhart did not have criminal records of any kind.

Did Amelia Earhart have any borthers?

Amelia Earhart didnt have any brothers only sisters.

Did Amelia Earhart have any children or step children?

Amelia never had any children. Her husband George had 2 children by a previous marriage, but they were not officially step-children of Amelia.

Did Amelia Earhart have any stepchildren?

Her husband had 2 sons, it's unclear if they were actually step-children to Amelia.

What a Earhart's children name's?

Amelia Earhart had no children

Are there any living descendants of Amelia Earhart?

She had no children but I have cousin that can trace back the family and are related to her.

Is Amelia Earhart a he or a she?

Amelia Earhart is a woman.

Did Amelia have kids?

did amelia earhart have kids

Who did Amelia Earhart marry and did she have children?

She married George Putnam and they had no children together.

What was Amelia Earhart child's name?

Amelia Earhart was an American, not English. She had no children. There is some speculation that she might have been pregnant when she embarked on her final flight.

Who are Amelia Earharts children?

Amelia Earhart never had children. Some say it was because of her fame and popularity , and others just say she couldn't find the time to take care of them if she had any.

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