Did Andrew Jackson have a slave he had children with?

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there are no records saying that Andrew Jackson had any illegitimate children with slaves.
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What did Andrew Jackson do?

Brief summary of some major events: . War-hero and General from The War of 1812 . Elected president in 1828, reelected in 1832 . Dramatically reduced the national debt, almost eliminating it . Tool advantage of the "spoils system" meaning the incoming president would replace staff with those o ( Full Answer )

Who was Andrew Jackson?

He was the seventh president of the United States, and a good general. Key points in his life were the Revolutionary war, war of 1812, the time commander-in-chief, he should be credited with the forging of the Democratic political party symbol. Controversial period of his leadership was the "Cheroke ( Full Answer )

Is Andrew Jackson Stonewall Jackson?

No. "Stonewall" Jackson was Thomas Jonathan Jackson-- Stonewall wasa nickname he gained while a Confederate general in the Civil War. President Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 and died in 1845. General Stonewall Jackson was born in 1824 and died during the warin 1863, ironically as a result of "frie ( Full Answer )

What are facts about Andrew Jackson?

did Andrew Jackson have any children ? Birth Date: March 15, 1767 Death Date: June 18, 1845 Party: Democrat Birthplace: Log Cabin in North or South Carolina Father: Andrew Jackson Mother: Elizabeth Hutchinson Nickname: Old Hickory Reason for Nickname: Hickory trees are strong and the ( Full Answer )

What did Andrew Jackson do as president?

Some highlights of the Jackson administration: . New tariff Bill replacing the "tariff of abomination"(1832) . Proclamation denouncing the doctrine of nullification andwarning South Carolina to obey federal tariff law. . Tariff of 1833 . veto of Maysville Road appropriation bill (1830) . veto ( Full Answer )

Why is Andrew Jackson Famous?

Andrew Jackson is famous for being the 7th president of the UnitedStates. Jackson was president from 1829 to 1937.

What was Andrew Jacksons childhood like?

Jackson was born on the western frontier of the Carolinas, an area that was in dispute between North Carolina and South Carolina, and both states have claimed him as a native son. Jackson maintained that he was born in South Carolina, and the weight of evidence supports his assertion. The area offer ( Full Answer )

Was Andrew Jackson rich?

Despite the fact that Andrew Jackson was born into poverty, he eventually earned enough money to become a gentleman planter.

Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears?

This sad relocation of the Cherokees occurred after Jackson left office, but he set in motion the idea that Indians must be moved out of GA and Alabama into land west of the Mississippi, so must share some of the responsibilty

Was Andrew Jackson a Democrat or a demagogue?

Andrew Jackson is a demagogue because: 1. He lied to the nation by saying John Adams procured an American prostitute for the Russian tzar on his trip there as an envoy. 2. He violated the constitution by over-riding supreme court's decision not to throw out the cherookee from Georgia. 3. He ( Full Answer )

Where did Andrew Jackson graduate?

Andrew Jackson attended a small country school sporadically. He didnot graduate. He learned enough on his own to become a frontierlawyer.

What was Andrew Jacksons term of office?


What does Andrew Jackson do?

Andrew Jackson helped fight in the War of New Orleans and The War of 1812, he was the seventh president of America. He fought in wars and he was also a general.

How many children did Andrew Jackson have?

Andrew Jackson had 10. But adopted all of them.Andrew Jackson Lyncoya Jackson John Samuel Donelson Daniel Smith Donelson Andrew Jackson Donelson Andrew Jackson Hutchings Carolina Butler Eliza Butler Edward Butler Anthony Butler

What did slave children do?

in the 1900's they were so hungry they ate each other then they killed their owner then live again blah blah blue tht answr sux balls

Where is Andrew Jackson from?

Born in Waxhaws, South Carolina March 15, 1767 in a cabin. He spent most of his life near Nashville in Tennesee,

Where did Andrew Jackson get the nickname king Andrew?

Andrew Jackson got his name "King Andrew" because he often abused his powers as a president. Most people believed that he was unjust. Made many laws without permission; refused the national bank (which was a good thing, states should be incarge of the way they handle money. not the goverment). Altho ( Full Answer )

Where was Andrew Jackson from?

He claimed to have been born in Van Wyck, SC on Hwy 521 south of Charlotte, NC. There is a marker put up by the DAR in Lancaster Co., South Carolina. He claims to have been born on March 15, 1767 on a Plantation owned by James Crawford.

How did Andrew Jackson get the nickname King Andrew?

Andrew Jackson was referred to as King Andrew I during his presidency by his opponents who feared his extension of the powers of his presidency. During his presidency many of his actions were rightfully perceived as tyrannical and his behavior reflected that of a king rather than of a president of a ( Full Answer )

Does Andrew Jackson have children?

Andrew Jackson (U.S. President) had adopted one child, a boy, who he & his wife named after him, Andrew Jackson, Jr.

Was Stonewall Jackson related to Andrew Jackson?

Seeing as Jackson had a TON of kids, it is hard to trace his genealogy. There are several possible connections. One, making them cousins, twice removed, is the most likely. However, the only Thomas Jackson (Stonewall's real name) in Andrew Jackson's direct family was his great grandson, a man of Ire ( Full Answer )

What are Andrew Jacksons childrens names?

Andrew Jackson had 2 wifes and 10 children. 8 out of the 10 children were relatives such as nieces that had been taken care of by Andrew because of parental deaths. Jackson had two adopted sons, Andrew Jackson Jr., the son of Rachel's brother Severn Donelson, and Lyncoya, a Creek Indian orphan ad ( Full Answer )

Why did they call Andrew Jackson king Jackson?

Andrew Jackson, who assumed the presidency as party politics were becoming more polarized, found himself labeled as nothing short of a dictator by his Democratic Party's opposition, the Whigs. Unlike previous presidents, Jackson used his popularity and power as president to fill his cabinet with loy ( Full Answer )

Was Andrew Jackson a slave holder?

Yes, he was a slave holder. The slave that was there when his wife died was also there next to him when he died.

How did Andrew Jackson get the name king Andrew?

Because some people thought that he was more like a king than a president. (I'm not that sure though, so I would do a little more research before you fully trust this)

Why is Andrew Jackson referred to as king Jackson?

King Jackson is a political slur used against Jackson in (I believe) the 1828 presidential election (although it could be 1832, when he ran for a second term) Jackson used his power to veto a lot during his term of office, and even as a senator he opposed bills. To make him sound like a tyrant, (suc ( Full Answer )

Who is Andrew Jackson and what did he do?

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. He was self-educated, lost the election of 1824 to John Quincy Adams, and won the election of 1828. He was re-elected in 1832 for a second term. As a child, he was given a scar from a British soldier's scythe, because Jackson refused to po ( Full Answer )

What office was held by Andrew Jackson?

I know that he served in the Massachusetts Senate and then the U.S. Senate, before serving as James Monroe's Secretary of State. Hope this helps !!

What did Andrew Jackson do in 1824?

Andrew Jackson was up for election as President of the United States in 1824, however, he lost out in the vote to John Quincy Adams, who, on March 4 of the following year, became the sixth President of the United States. Jackson had to wait until 1829 before he became President.

What were the personalities of Andrew Jackson?

Of course, he had a rough-tumble life. He loved to fight and wrestle with his frends. He proteced the ones he loved. He beat someone up becasue he tried to kill him while walking through a building and he was just a senitive child.

Why did Andrew Jackson NOT become president?

In 1824, General Jackson ran for president against Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams (son of John Adams, the second president). When Henry Clay did not win, he struck a deal with Adams saying that if Adams was to appoint him in his cabinet, then he will urge all of his voters to vote for Adams. Even ( Full Answer )

Who killed Andrew Jacksons wife?

Andrew Jackson's wife, Rachel Donelson Robards, died from a heartattack in 1828. Although the cause of death was natural, Jacksonblamed John Quincy Adams, claiming Adams' campaign had dishonoredher.

What did president Andrew Jackson do to the Indians?

"Andrew Jackson, from Tennessee, was a forceful proponent of Indian removal. In 1814 he commanded the U.S. military forces that defeated a faction of the Creek nation. In their defeat, the Creeks lost 22 million acres of land in southern Georgia and central Alabama. The U.S. acquired more land in 18 ( Full Answer )

What is Andrew Jacksons spouse's name?

Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson p.s. if you put an answer on your own question then no one can see it in the 'unanswered questions' area.

Do children have other children as slaves?

Yes, in countries where there is still slavery (Mauritania is one), upper class children are sometimes given an indentured servant, who may in fact be a child from an outcast ethnic group, or a child who was born into poverty.

Was Andrew Johnson once a slave?

Andrew Johnson, who was the 17th president of the US was never aslave. He was an apprentice to a tailor when he was a boy.

What did children do as slaves?

When children were born slaves they often started working at about the age of four or five. At a plantation some made them pick weeds, gather cotton, or even tend for a garden the owners might have. I am currently doing a report on Harriet Tubman and learned she worked on a plantation caring for h ( Full Answer )