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No, but she did realize she loved him also after she had already fallen in love with Edward. Edward had her heart though, so he won out over Jacob.

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Q: Did Bella Swan love Jacob Black first?
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In Twilight what is the first thing Jacob Black said to Bella Swan?

Aren't you Isabella Swan?

Who is Jocob Black?

first of all it is Jacob Black!he is Bella Swan's best friend in twilight. he is also in LOVE with Bella Swan!Jacob Black is player by the wonderful and sexy, Taylor Lautner! xx

Does Jacob Black love Bella Swan?

Yes she does love Jacob, but not as much as she loves Edward. Jacob and Bella fall in love with each other in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella for a period of time and when Bella is slipping into depression Jacob looks after her and cheers her up. In Eclipse when the little war for Bella between Edward and Jacob happens, Bella and Jacob kiss but then hurts Jacob emotionally and when he leaves for a little while, she is crying and Edward comforts her. Bella is confused because he is not angry with her for kissing him but Edward understands that she loves Jacob because he looked after her when Edward left her. But in Breaking Dawn Jacob slips out of love with Bella because he imprints/falls in love with Bella and Edward's little girl Renesmee, and he invents a nickname called Nessie as Renesmee is a bit of a mouthful, and Bella is not happy at all with him. But also Bella only loved Jacob because she was human and she had mixed emotions, so when she was a vampire, she noticed she only loved Edward. So that is wonderful for all only Edward fans, and Jacob haters. Yes she loves Jacob as a friend but she loves edward so much. Yes, she loves Jacob... but she was only confused about her feelings. in new moon, she only loved him as a friend. but in eclipse, when Jacob and her were kissing she realized she was actually in love with him, too... but not as much as she loved edward tho, obviously. and in breaking dawn Jacob imprints on Renesmee, edward and Bella's daughter. soo everything worked out in the last book.

Did Bella Swan and Jacob Black get married?

No. Bella and Edward get married while Jacob imprints on Renesmee.

How did you like Bella Swan and Jacob black first kiss?

I love twilight because Jacob black and bella swan have their first kiss was amazing it touch my heart I always Wach it over over over again and I say he is good kisser

Does Bella Swan likes Jacob Black yes or no?


Is Jacob Black the father of Bella Swan's baby?

No, Edward is.

What secret did Jacob Black keep from Bella Swan?

that he is a werewolf

Do Bella Swan and Jacob Black kiss in 'Breaking Dawn'?


In new moon Jacob Black has acrush on?

In New Moon Jacob Black has a crush on Bella Swan

Did Jacob Black imprint on Bella Swan?

no, he fell in love with her, though.

Who is Jacob Black dating in real life?

he is dating Bella swan

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