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if he was a normal mature boy he would take out his lover which should be his girlfriend!!

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Q: Did Boys take his girlfriend or lover for outing?
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What is his intention if a guy says he wants you to be his?

It really depends on the guy who says it and if they want you to be their girlfriend or the their lover. but take my advice if you can ask if they want you to their girlfriend or their lover and they say both then they really care about you and really want you to be theirs for as long as possible..

How do boys behave when they are in love?

Boys are overwhelmed by emotions and do anything to make their lover happy. They will do random romantic acts life surprise her with flowers or take her dancing. You will know he is in love when he tells you because he won't keep it a secret.

How do you ask girlfriend for a kiss?

You don't EVER ask for a kiss. How unattractive is THAT? Girls don't like boys that come asking for kisses or grovelling for affection. They like men. Men of action. Why the hell would you have to ask your girlfriend for a kiss anyways? She's your girlfriend already, just take one from her.

How long will it take for the boy you like to decide he wants a girlfriend?

Well it depends when he's ready You have to wait until he's interested this can take possibly a year sence girls mature faster than boys

What should you do when your girlfriend wants to hang out with her ex-boyfriend?

You should not let her. When someone gets back with an old lover just to hang out sparks can fly. I was reading this thing on the internet and it says that getting back with an old lover could be great because of the sex. I would not take the chance if I were you. My boyfriends EX girlfriend would go over to his house so she could "visit his mother" but he says that she would try and talk to him, and that makes me think... you know? What if something went on between them?

How can you get a lover?

take interest in what they like

What are the names of the boys in take that?

What is the names of the boys in take that.

Who's AJ McLean current girlfriend?

AJ Mclean from the Backstreet Boys have a girlfriend!!!! Sorry for you ladies but He's mine!!! He doesn't know yet that we are together but it will not take long :) Love you AJ !!! Val Revised: A.J. McLean, from the Backstreet Boys,has a girlfriend! Sorry, ladies, but he's mine! He doesn't know yet that we are together, but it will not take long for him to find out! I love you, A.J.! Originally from: Val Corrections are bolded.

What are the release dates for The Outcasts - 1968 Take Your Lover in the Ring - 1.5?

The Outcasts - 1968 Take Your Lover in the Ring - 1.5 was released on: USA: 28 October 1968

Is it boys at the back or boys in the back?

Boys take it in the back

What does Apollo take from Achilles?

His friend and lover Patroklus.

What to do when you love this boy very very much but when you tell him he does not take you seriously and says that he does not want a girlfriend?

if you really like him talk yo him and say i really like you take it serigsly please and if he still dosent take it serigsly find sombody eles caz he may be a jerk like some other boys do

How do you save a girlfriend from her cheating secret boyfriend?

It is time you gave your head a shake and realize your girlfriend has no respect for you; is cheating without caring about your feelings. Some women just like the 'bad boys' and it appears your girlfriend is one of them. It is time to sit down with her and let her know you don't share you girlfriends with other men! Then you need to take time out to figure out right from wrong and when people are disrespecting your feelings.

I am 14 and long to have a boyfriend who loves me I really like a guy at school but he has a girlfriend and I feel as though I will never have a chance with him. Is this normal?

Yes it happens all the time ! If he has a girlfriend already then you are wasting your time on him. You will be better having another look around as there will be plenty more boys who will love to have a girlfriend like you. If it doesn't happen straight away, don't despair it will happen in time. Take your time looking and don't be desperate ok.

How do you take a shower witt a girl or girlfriend And how to sex with girlfriend?

Perhaps by asking her?

Can boys take out their dreads?

Boys can take out their dreads, if the situation requires them to. They can be taken away by shaving or if they are temporary, they can be undone.

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3 bombs

Who has sold more albums Backstreet Boys or take that?

According to Wikipedia, the Backstreet Boys have sold about ten times as many albums as Take That. Take That has sold about 19 million, while the Backstreet Boys have sold about 200 million.

What do 10 year old boys love about a 10 year old girl?

Nothing. They are not at the age where girls are quite that important. It looks cool to them to have a girlfriend. But it doesn't mean anything. And don't take it personally girl. Boys develop slower than girls generally. Wait a year or two. Unless you're really lucky and get a boyfriend who is mature enough.

Why do older boys take more showers than younger boys?

because older boys play with themselves

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Where can you take your girlfriend on valentines?


What can you take to get hard before you see your girlfriend?


How do you get a girlfriend on imvu?

Chat with them and then you take them on a date then boom!

Why do I get upset when my boyfriend Googles swimsuit models?

Because it makes you think he is looking at other girls, and if they are swimsuit models they're bound to be skinny too so it makes you feel like you're being compared to them. Don't worry though, boys just do that, don't take it personally or get upset because you are his girlfriend and those models will most likely never be his girlfriend x