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No. He was in love with various women during his life, but never married. One of these was reputed to be the renowned pianist and composer Clara Wieck Schumann, wife of Robert Schumann.

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Q: Did Brahms ever get married
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Did Johannes Brahms ever get married?

he never got married to anybody

Who were the women Johannes brahms married?

No one. Brahms never married.

Who did Brahms marry?

Brahms never married.

How did Johannes Brahms and his wife meet?

Brahms never married.

Did Johannes Brahms get married?


How many children did Brahms have?

Johannes Brahms never married and had no children.

Did Johannes Brahms ever have children?

He never married even though he was engaged at one point. He apparently had strong feelings for several other women. There is no history of him ever having offspring.

Did Brahms ever write an opera?

He never wrote an opera.

Who was Johannes Brahms wife?

He had no wife. He was in love with Clara but they never got married

Did Johannes Brahms divorce his wife?

No, because he was never married in the first place.

Did Brahms ever travel?

yes he traveled mostly to Vienna until he settled there.

Is brahms lullaby public domain?

Brahms died more than 100 years ago, so everything he ever wrote is now public domain.

Which German composer wrote over 100 songs the year he was married?

that is easy. johann brahms

What composer never married because the woman he loved chose to marry someone else?

That is probably Johannes Brahms. Clara Wieck (later Clara Schumann) married Robert Schumann (who was actually friends with Brahms). He loved her till the end of his life.

Who wrote brahms lullaby?

Brahms ...

Who wrote brahms violin concerto?

Brahms's violin concerto was written by Brahms. The clue is in its name: the 'Brahms' violin concerto.

How many symphony Brahms wrote?

Brahms completed four symphonies.

What actors and actresses appeared in But for Women... Dr. Brahms. Johannes Brahms - 1997?

The cast of But for Women... Dr. Brahms. Johannes Brahms - 1997 includes: Matthias Ponnier as Johannes Brahms Friedrich von Thun as Narrator

Why did he write Brahms Lullaby?

Johannes Brahms wrote Brahms Lullaby as a gift for his friend Bertha Fabers baby.

When did Brahms write Lullabye?

brahms writes in romantic music

What was Johannes Brahms famous for?

Brahms was famous for his romantic symphonies

Where was brahms born?

Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg (Germany).

Who wrote brahms' violin concerto in D major?


How tall was Brahms?

Brahms was around 5'5''-5'6'' in height.

When was Miss Brahms created?

Miss Brahms was created in 1972.