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CS Lewis had just one brother, Warren Hamilton Lewis, born three years earlier than CS Lewis, on 16 June 1895.

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Is there any pictures of Gary paulsen if so where do i go. and dose he have any kids or sisters or brothers if so tell me please and tell me if there any way i can get in touch with them tell me pees?

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Which university does C.S. Lewis work at?

C. S. Lewis does not work at any universities. He is deceased.

How many brothers and sisters did Antonia novello have?

Antonia C Novello had a brother and sister. Ana and Antonio Colleo.

What famous people performed the blood brothers?

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How many brothers and sisters did Henry Ford have?

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When was Lewis C. Bidamon born?

Lewis C. Bidamon was born in 1807.

When did Lewis C. Carpenter die?

Lewis C. Carpenter died in 1908.

When was Lewis C. Carpenter born?

Lewis C. Carpenter was born in 1836.

When was Lewis C. Laylin born?

Lewis C. Laylin was born in 1848.

When did Lewis C. Laylin die?

Lewis C. Laylin died in 1923.

What has the author C Y Lewis written?

C Y. Lewis has written: 'The Adkins-Lewis Neverstop railway system of transportation'

When did Lewis C. Bidamon die?

Lewis C. Bidamon died on 1891-02-11.

When was Isaac C. Lewis Cottage created?

Isaac C. Lewis Cottage was created in 1882.

When was C. Lewis Harrison House created?

C. Lewis Harrison House was created in 1915.

What has the author T C Lewis written?

T. C. Lewis has written: 'History as preparation for a career'

What has the author C T Lewis written?

C. T. Lewis has written: 'Teach yourself sailing'

When was Ovid C. Lewis born?

Ovid C. Lewis was born on 1932-08-06.

When did Ovid C. Lewis die?

Ovid C. Lewis died on 2011-01-26.

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