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he did not go to high school

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Q: Did Charles dickens go to high school?
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Related questions

What school did Charles Dickens go to?

william giles's school when he was 12

Where did Charles Dickens go after school?

he went to work in the factory

Charles Dickens primary school?

He didn't go to primary school because when he first went to school he was 12 so automatically went to high school

Which school did Charles Dickens go to?

hogwarts academy of smart spazsticks.

How long did Charles dickens go to school?

3 years ok

Where did Charles dickens go when he had to leave school?

He left school to be a bank clerk in a solicitors office

When did Charles Dickens go to school?

Ah, Charles Dickens, the Great Victorian author. Well, I'm not sure WHEN he died but what I do know is that he was 9 years of age when he started school. Does that help?

Where did Charles Dickens graduate?

Author Charles Dickens was forced to drop out of school at a very early age to go to work. He had to earn money to help support his mother and siblings.

What age did Charles Dickens go to William Giles's School?

He went at ages 7 to 9

Where did Charles go to high school?

Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio

What year did Charles Barkley go to leeds high school?

Charles Barkley went to Leeds High School in 1991

Did Charles Dickens go to school when he was a child?

Yes but he only went to a certain school for 5 years, this school was run by the local Baptist!

Did Charles dickens go to post college?


What did Charles Dickens do?

go to debtors prison

What university did Charles Dickens go to?

Charles Dickens did not go to a university. He went to school at the Wellington House Academy in North London, where he stayed until he was 15. After that, he went to work in a law office, and then went on to become a famous writer.

Why did Charles Dickens' dad go to jail?

Charles Dickens' dad went to jail because of bad debt.

When did Charles Dickens' father go to prison?

Charles Dickens was twelve at the time of his father's imprisonment for debt in 1824.

Where did Charles Dickens go to school?

Since Dickens' father briefly worked as a Navy Pay Office clerk, Dickens received a few years of private education. Unfortunately, his father abruptly lost his job and subsequently, Charles Dickens had to leave his education to instead work at a factory.

Why didn't Charles dickens go to high school?

High schools didn't exist when he was alive. The first high schools weren't until the 1900's. No one went to high school before they were created. __ Dickens had to leave school early (around 12 years old) because his family was poverty stricken and he had to go to work. FYI - The first high school was founded in Scotland 500 years ago - Edinburgh's Royal High School founded in 1505. The first public high school in the US was established in 1821, so they've been around long before the 1900s.

What website can you go to to find the SHORT version of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens by Charles dickens?

it is called shockwave .com

Did Charles Dickens go to jail?

No, but his father was imprisoned briefly for debt when Dickens was 12.

Where did Charles Kelly from Lady Antebellum go to high school?

Lakeside high school in Augusta, Georgia

What high school did Charles from the poreotics go to?

Bolsa Grande High School in Garden Grove, CA

Where did Charles dickens father go when he was in debt?


What did Charles Dickens dad do?

go to debtors prison