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yes, he did throw his paintings in the river. he was a mean person.WHAT A POLUTER.

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How can you help stop river pollution?

dont throw things in the river instead throw litter in the carbage bins

Why is the fertiliser from the farm end in the river?

because it can can i throw you in the river

What river did Hitler throw the kids in?

There is non documented evidence that Adolf Hitler did any such thing as throw kids into a river.

Why did pharaohs order Hebrew parents to throw male babies in the river?

Pharaohs order Hebrew parents to throw male babies in the river is because he was gay

Is the river liffey dirty?

Yes, The River Liffey is dirty as people tend to throw rubbish in it.

What river did Amulius order his soilders to throw the babies into?

I believe he ordered them to be thrown into the Tiber River considering it was the closest river to Rome.

Why is the Waikato River dirty?

people throw their rubbish into the rivers

How do you make a chocolate dip?

throw a black guy in a river

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