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in 1415th cen

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Q: Did Columbus ever reach the continent of North America?
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What current country or continent did christopher Columbus reach?


Who reach north America 500 years before Columbus?

lief ericsson

Why didn't China explore America?

They did. There is historical evidence that they did reach North America well before Columbus.

How man voyages did Columbus make to America?

Columbus made four voyages to the Western Hemisphere, but only on the fourth voyage did he reach North America.

When did the nordic explorers reach America?

They reached North America 500 years before Columbus reached the Bahamas.

What are all the countries Christopher Columbus discovered?

Antarctica Africa Europe Asia north America central America south America and north pole:)

Did Christopher Columbus explore Asia?

He hoped to reach Asia but he did not realize that North America would be in his way.

If you sail west from North America at which continent will you arrive?

If you sail west you might reach Japan or China.

Which of these is a true statementChristopher Columbus was convinced that he could reach Africa by sailing east?

Christopher Columbus was convinced that he could reach Asia by sailing west.

Does the Antarctic Ocean touch the continent of North America?

The Antarctic Ocean does not touch the continent of North America. North America is entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. The Antarctic Ocean is the ocean that surrounds the South Pole, and does not reach even to the southern temperate zones, let alone to the Equator.

What if you traveled south of South America what is the next continent you would reach?

If you head south from South America you would reach the continent of Antarctica.

Who lived on north America in 1492?

Tribes of people who had probably given themselves Tribal names the early explorers did not record. We don't know of anyone who reached N.A. in 1492. Columbus stopped at Hispaniola in 1492 but did not reach the continent.