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Q: Did Coronado have to do with La Salle?
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Who is the oldest explorer out of cabeza de vaca and la salle and christoper Columbus and francisco coronado?

No one

What is the motto of La Salle Academy?

The motto of La Salle Academy is 'We Are La Salle'.

When did La Salle get married?

did la salle get married

Who has a name beginning with L?

la salle la salle

How do say the road to La Salle in french?

La route (ou la rue de La Salle)

How many people are in la salle?

1 La Salle is a person, not a group.

Who did Robert de la salle work for?

Robert de la salle

When was La Salle Causeway created?

La Salle Causeway was created in 1917.

When was La Salle Academy created?

La Salle Academy was created in 1848.

When did La Salle Hotel end?

La Salle Hotel ended in 1946.

What is the population of Rigny-la-Salle?

The population of Rigny-la-Salle is 323.

When was La Salle Institute created?

La Salle Institute was created in 1850.