Did Doris Day have a black child?

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Doris did not have a black child. She had only one child, Terry, fathered by her first husband, trombonist Al Jorden, and born on February 8, 1942. Terry was adopted by Doris' third husband, Martin Melcher, whose last name Terry took. All were caucasian.
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Who was Doris Day?

Doris Day was a movie and tv star of the 40's and 50's. Some famousroles she played were opposite Rock Hudson in "Pillow Talk". DD is a brilliant actress in dramas and comedies - the top box-office female of all time. She is one of the best singers and dancers. She recorded near 1000 songs by Colu ( Full Answer )

Is Doris Day still living?

Doris Day Yes, she is still alive. She is 85 years of age. She was born on April 3, 1924.

What is Doris Day doing?

The wonderful Miss Day is more or less retired but stays busy working for animal rights.

Does Doris Day have children?

Doris Day had a son, Terry Melcher. On November 19 , 2004 , Terry Melcher died at his home after a long battle with melanoma . He was 62 years old.

What school did Doris Day go to?

Actress Doris Day was born on April 3,1924 as Doris von Kappelhoff.She attended school at Withrow High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.After that she went to the Fanchon and Marco Dance School in LosAngeles, California.

What is Doris Day doing these days?

She owns The Cypress Inn in Carmel, CA. She's a successful business owner and will continue to be a roll model for many young talented actresses for years to come.

What doris day at the Apollo mean?

Doris Day is a white singer and actress. the Apollo theatre is mostly for black people. where they show there talents. it would be ridiculous if doris day just popped in. this sentence in the song without love goes together with the theme of racism in the movie hairspray.

Was Doris Day a beaten women?

Yes, she was abused by her first husband, Al Jorden, who even beat her while she was pregnant.

What happened to Doris Day?

She is retired from acting and operates the Doris Day Animal League in Carmel, California.

What is the age of doris day?

Hello, Doris Day is 88 years young. a Wonderful singer and a fantastic actress. We love you and wish you well. Love William C. Duff and Family.

Was Doris Day married?

Yes, she was married 4 times, but is now single. She was married to, 1. Al Jorden 2. George Weidler 3. Martin Melcher 4.Barry Comden.

Does Doris Day have any children?

Yes, Doris Day has one son, Terry Melcher. Melcher was born on February 8, 1942 in New York City, New York and died on November 19, 2004 at the age of 62 in Beverly Hills, California.

What does doris day do?

Try this website it should help... http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000013/bio http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000013/bio Extra Information: Today, she runs the Doris Day Animal League in Carmel, California. Hope all this info helped!:D

How does Doris Day look today?

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL TODAY, JUST LIKE SHE HAS ALWAYS BEEN...ONLY OLDER. The smile is still brilliant, and her memory is intact. She is one classy lady.

Is there a Doris Day fan club?

There are many websites that deal exclusively cater to Doris Day fans. Doris Day Web Forum is quite good

Where did Doris Day die?

Doris Day is alive and well, running her Doris Day Animal Foundation, and her Inn called the Cyprus Inn in Carmel, California.

How many songs did Doris Day have?

Doris Day has sung hundreds of songs over her long career. Eight of those songs have been nominated for Oscars.

Had Doris Day died?

Doris Day is dead and the date is around 2000 but i am not absolutely sure!:):):) As of April 22, 2011, Doris Day is still alive at the age of 87.

Date of death for Doris Day?

As of 2013 March, Doris is still alive, but has been in a secluded retirement for many years.

Doris Day- who was Marty?

Marty Melcher was Day's 3rd husband and adopted father of Terry Melcher, Day's only child. He lost $66 million of her money before he died.

Is Doris Day sick?

She is doing well. She menage her animal foundation and her hotel (co-owner) friendly for animals She even gives an interview to Schwartz and at her birthday phone called to radio station Magic 63 and chatted with the host two times that day. She got an official website late in 2010.

Where is Doris Days home?

Doris Day live in Carmel California at the sea in a destination, where she filmed the movie thriller Julie and fell in love with this beautiful place. Her neighbour is Clint Eastwood and Ted Nash, a formal musician in Les Brown band, where Doris and he worked together.

Is doris day on Facebook?

I can vouch that Doris Day, 86 and living in Carmel Valley, is not on Facebook personally. In fact, she does not even own a computer. Of course, there are a few fan pages set up in her honor on FB.

Did Doris Day die in 2010?

As of this writing, April 3, 2012, Day is alive and well and living in Carmel, CA. It is also her birthday. Happy Birthday Doris!

Where did Doris Day son Die?

On November 19, 2004, Terry Melcher died at his home after a long battle with melanoma

When did doris day live in Ohio?

Doris Day (birth name Kapplehoff) was born in Cincinnati in 1924, and lived near that city till she began touring as a singer about 1939.

What is Doris Roberts doing these days?

Of course filming for videos. Or family activites :D I heard Doris is going to be on QVC next week April 4th & 5th with her new line of Italian Stoneware - I'm really excited to see it!

Did Doris Day have a dog?

Doris Day has had many dogs in her life. From her teens to now she has always had dogs as pets. One of her favorites was Biggest. Biggest came through her house for adoption. After one night away from Doris, Biggest cried all night long and when Doris learned about his separation anxiety, she took h ( Full Answer )

Why was Doris Day significant?

Doris Day is one of the most beloved actors of all time. Wholesome yet fiesty, Day was equally good at comedy and drama, not to mention her singing voice. Day is now retired but stays busy with her work for animal rights.

Why was doris day famous?

Doris Day was and is famous because of her tremendous talents. She could dance, sing and act in her films. To date Doris Day remains the top female box office draw of all time. Her recordings continue to sell even after she stopped recording at Columbia Records in 1967. Listen to her recordings and ( Full Answer )

When did doris day graduate?

Doris Day suffered a compound fracture on her right leg after a train hit the auto in which she was riding. The accident happened on Friday, October 13, 1937. A cast encased her leg from her thigh to her toes. This prevented her from resuming her education, and the second year of high school was the ( Full Answer )

Did Doris Day ever date a black man?

Other than the claim of baseball star Maury Wills that the two had an affair -- a claim vigorously denied by Day and not supported by any evidence other than Wills' saying so -- there exists no evidence of Day romantically dating any black man. Stories of her dating Sly Stone are denied by all who k ( Full Answer )

Is doris day married now?

Doris Day's fourth marriage ended in an unfriendly divorce in 1981, and she has remained single since then.

Was Doris Day Portuguese?

Doris Day -- birth name Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff -- was born in the U.S., and all four of her grand-parents were German immigrants.

Where can Doris Day movies be viewed?

One can view Doris Day movies in theaters, by renting a DVD, and on television channels such as AMC, TNN and Antenna TV. One can also view Doris Day movies through online streaming sites such as Hulu, Fandango and Project Free TV.

Was Doris Day a dyke?

Doris Day loved men, sometimes having up to 6 boyfriends. One ofher boyfriends was a gay man actor, which probably is where the"gay connection" comes from.