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Yes, Edward died in 1918 - before World War 2.

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Q: Did Edward Cullen die before world war 2?
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Is Edward Cullen going to die at the end?

No. Edward does not die

What did Edward Cullen almost die of?

Edward Cullen almost died of the Spanish Influenza.

Who is stronger Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?

Edward Cullen is way stronger than Jacob not by physical strength, but because if Edward bite Jacob he will die!

What year did Edward Cullen almost die in?


How did Edwards Cullen's parents die in Twilght?

In the Twilight series, Edward Cullen's parents died during the Spanish influenza pandemic in 1918. Edward was then turned into a vampire by Carlisle Cullen to save him from dying as well.

Who does Edward Cullen go to see to die?

Jacob Black.

Does Edward Cullen die in any of the twilight series?


When does Edward Cullen die?

Edward technically dies in 1918 as a human but as a vampire he never dies!!!!

In the 2008 movie Twilight what flu strain caused Edward Cullen's death?

Edward Cullen was almost killed by swine flu*EDIT*Actually, Edward Cullen was almost killed by the Spanish Influenza in 1918. I don't blame you for the mess up. :)

Is Edward Cullen going to die in New Moon?

No he doesnt die because he is in the next book.

Did Edward Cullen die in Breaking Dawn?

No - everyone lives except Irina

When will Edward Cullen die?

In the context of the Twilight Saga, Edward Cullen will never die as he is immortal. He can however die given certain circumstances, such as being burned to death, as the vampire body is extremely flammable (due to the various forms of venom inside the body).