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No. She had an older sister, Ilse, and a younger sister, Gretl.

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Q: Did Eva Braun have a sister named Charlotte?
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What was Hitlers girlfriends name?

Hitler's girlfriend was named Eva Braun.

Did Hitler have a lot of wifes?

No, Just one. She was named Eva Braun.

Did Hitler have children?

Hitler did not have children, but he had a wife named Eva Braun.

How many kids did Eva braun have?

Eva Braun had no children.

Did Adolf Hitler have a wife and children?

He had a wife named Eva Braun but no children.

What was hitlers girlfriend named?

Eva braun, he married her the night before they commited suicide

When was Eva Braun born?

Eva Braun was born on February 6, 1912.

Did Hitler kill Eva braun?

Eva Braun committed suicide by poisoning herself.

What were the names of hitlers wife?

Hitlers mistress for 12 years, and later wife, was named Eva Braun. Eva was a shop assistant from Munich.

When did Eva Braun die?

Eva Braun died on April 30, 1945 at the age of 33.

Was Eva braun a Jew?

Eva Braun was not a Jew. If she was, her husband Hitler would have killed her on the spot

When was Eva Braun - band - created?

Eva Braun - band - was created in 1990.

What was Hilter's wife name?

Eva braun, but her full name was Eva Anne Paula Braun Hitler.

How old was Eva Braun at death?

Eva Braun died on April 30, 1945 at the age of 33.

Did adolf Hitler marry anybody other than Eva braun?

No, Hitler only married Eva Braun.

Did Hitler have any girlfriends?

He had a lover named Eva Braun, whom he married the day before he committed suicide.

Who was Hitler's wife?

Eva Braun was Hitler's wife. Born 1912 February 6 she was young compared to Hitler. They did not have children. He then committed suicide with his wife using a gun. His wife's name was Eva Braun His longstanding mistress Eva Braun. He married her the day before they both died. She signed her will as 'Eva Braun' by mistake, and had to cross out 'Braun' and put 'Hitler'.

Is Eva braun Hitler's cousin?

Eva Braun was one of Hitlers closest friends. Hitler had 6 siblings and only one of them survived, Paula, his sister. On the other hand none of Hitlers family members are mentioned on the internet. So to conclude, no, Eva was not a family member; she was a close friend from childhood.

When did Adolf Hitler marry Eva braun?

Adolf Hitler married Eva Braun 2 days before his suicide.

When did Adolf Hitler get married?

April 29, 1945 to a woman named Eva Braun a day before he killed himself.

Did Hitler and Eva Braun have children?


Did Eva Braun have a nickname?


Who did Hitler marrie?

Eva Braun.

Did Eva braun fake a birth?


Who was Hitler's mistresss?

Eva Braun