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No They didn't Break up don't say things like that

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Q: Did FT island break up
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What is the break up on the Island?


What the officially colour of ft island?

"Sunshine" yellow. Fans wave yellow pentasticks when FT Island performs.

How high does the statue stand on liberty island?

lady liberty stands 305 ft. 6 in. from her pedestal up.

Why did ft island go to the Philippines?

1: FT Island went to the Philippines to record the music video, "Raining", on Cebu. 2: They went there to perform for their fans. They went for the FT Island 2010 Manila Showcase in March.

Is Big Bang Ft Island DBSK or Super Junior the absolute greatest singer?

i love all of them. but i hate ft island.

How many days travel from Ft Lauderdale FL to Branson MO?

It's about 22 hours. Break that up however you want.

What has the author Francis Poole written?

Francis Poole has written: 'Break up my water' 'Queen Charlotte Island'

Who is Lee Honggi?

Ft island's singer

What are ft island fans called?


Who is the leader of FT Island?

Choi Jonghun.

How do you get up to the window in vampires curse island?

you scale the building and then break the window and then you get 400 gold coins and a free spell

What are the release dates for Orangutan Island - 2007 Break Out?

Orangutan Island - 2007 Break Out was released on: USA: 7 December 2007