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i'm not sure but he did have a heart disease

yes, he join the us army and severed form 1959 to 1962

no he was not i have figured this out like this well in the author chat with the New York public library asked him he said no, then when i looked it up again i went to a different author chat with gary he also said no, in conclusion my answer s no because that is what he said.

Gary Paulsen was steered towards reading when he was young by a local librarian. In a recent interview, Gary says that this librarian pretty much saved his life. He's been hooked ever since. When Gary was young, he didn't have parents that were a guiding light. He got into some trouble here and there. Books helped keep him off the streets. It is my observation that Gary writes for the young person. Maybe he feels like targeting the youth with tales of young people overcoming obstacles will help change their lives as his was changed by finding the library.

Gary Van Ever's birth name is Gary Christopher Voneuer.

Feeling of satisfaction from your own self.

Gary Van Ever was born on April 30, 1952, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

no tori's mom does not date Gary

You can say I was feeling livelier than ever before when I first tried...... Or you can say I was feeling livelier than ever.

Gary is on the gadget room but the gadget room is so secret that but no penguins has ever been there

Today's the big day, Gary

No , but he was called Barry when was younger.

no. tears for fears and gary jules did

Gary is now teaching Illustration at the New York Institute of Technology.

Yes Gary Lineker became captain after Bryan Robson got injured in the1990 world cup.

he is a loser just like who ever is reading this xD

it doesnt say. ever. take a lucky guess

I would have to say the Gary gait ice.

No he did not but I did. Gary W.Trim, Bass, 1963-1966 Lee High School

It is the greatest feeling ever! Long live soccer!!!!

you just are always happy and its the best feeling you'll ever get