Did Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks having a falling out?

Not a falling out, but they had a HUGE argument during the making of Young Frankenstein . Gene thought it would be funny to have the Monster sing, "Putting on the Ritz"; Mel was completely against it. Mel freely admits that the two screamed at each other for twenty minutes over this idea, and that he gave in only because Gene was so insistent.

Mel also admits he's now embarassed when people tell him that they love that film, and that the "Putting on the Ritz" is their favorite part -- when he knows he was dead set against having it.

Mel and Gene also nearly had a falling out over making Young Frankenstein into a Broadway musical. Ironically, this time it was Mel who was insistent about doing so, and Gene who was against it! Happily, they worked things out, with Gene even accompanying Mel to the premiere of the stage version of the film they co-wrote.