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Did Genghis kahn make mistakes?


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Of course he did. Everyone makes mistakes.


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well, Genghis Kahn had a really good friend, named - Jon Jon Khan

Genghis Khan became king, or Khan, in 1203.

i have always heard Genghis khan had 4 brothers

No, Tamerlane (Temur Lang, meaning Temur the Lame) lived several generations later than Genghis Kahn. Genghis Kahn died in 1227, Temur in 1405. Genghis Kahn was a Mongol, born in Mongolia, while Temur was a Turk (quite possibly with some Mongol blood), from the area that is now Uzbekistan. He made Samarkand his capital. His empire was neither as large nor as enduring as that of Genghis Kahn.

Kublia Kahn Was the grandson of the Mongol Ruler Genghis. After Genghis had conqured north china the southern Song Dynasty continued to attack. Kublia Kahn attacked back and conqured all of the south.

Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Kahn

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Kahn means king. Some people called Ghengis Kahn Kahn of Kahns or King of Kings. although nobody knows what Gehngis means, many people think it is a word for spirit of light

Genghis Kahn was a moderate centrist. He was fiscally conservative but socially liberal. He was anti-abortion but was in favor of medical marijuana.

The largest empire before then was the Mongolian Empire ran by Genghis Kahn

Genghis Khan is famous for being the greatest Mongolian ruler, for learning the largest army which at its peak stretched from Southern Europe to Northern China and for being the greatest conqueror in history.

They make you feel upset, but mistakes are mistakes.

Kublai Khan was a grandson of Genghis who ruled most of what is now China in the 13th Century. He was the emperor to whom the Venetian Marco Polo travelled.

You make mistakes because you are human, not the other way around.

Genghis Khan rated women based on their beauty, and therefore, he married lots of women. Kahn originally married six Mongolian women, but he was also romantically attached to the daughters and wives of enemy chiefs.Hope it helps!~K

Everyone makes mistakes. Making mistakes is simply a part of being human.

Yes!! Everybody makes mistakes. It is something we just can't resist. We don't know we have made a mistake but we just do. You, I and everybody else, we all make mistakes. It's very common to make mistakes. You can learn from your mistakes and you will probably will never make the same mistake again.

Kahn Louis I. has written: 'Louis I. Kahn'

There are no mistakes list to determine which are mistakes. To make sure no mistakes are committed consult a professional.

After his death, Genghis Khan was succeeeded by his son Ogebei.

computer can never make mistakes it is only when the input is wrong that is when the output can be wrong

Cells tend to make mistakes copying nucleotides in the DNA.

That quote means that each time you make a mistake that you learn from them. If your willing to make the mistakes you will learn them then it really isn't a big deal. The earlier you make the mistakes the earlier you will learn the answers.

The essay was full of mistakes. "Make sure to correct your mistakes!" the teacher instructed.

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