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Did Gerard Way get married because his girlfriend was pregnant?

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No, she's not pregnant. Gerard Way did NOT get married because his wife was pregnant. They got married a while ago and they're now expecting their first child in August of 2009.

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Who is Gerard Way's girlfriend?

Gerard Way is married to Lyn-z Way

Has Gerard way got a girlfriend?

He is married to Lyn Z.

Is Gerard way marrried?

Yes Gerard way Is Married. He is married to the beautiful Lyn-z of Mindless self indulgence. I think she is also pregnant.

Could Gerard love you?

no!!!no because Gerard has already have a girlfriend!!!or a wife... whatever... (:no but i would love him to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is sooooo hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILOVE GERARD WAY!!!!!!!! NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

Gerard Way has a new girlfriend called Lyn Z She's the bassist from the band Mindless Self IndulgenceCongrats to them?

Congrats. Gerard and Lyn-z are now married. (:

Has Gerard Butler been married?

Gerard Butler has never been married.

Is Gerard way pregnant with Frank?

seriously are you stupid or something?they r not gay never wereGerard is married and so is Frankie TO WOMENwell actually they dated for 3 years but a man cant get another man pregnant well a man cant even get pregnant

Are Gerard Way and Mikey Way married?

No, their last names are the same because they are brothers. In addition, Gerard Way is married to Lyn-Z of the band, Mindless Self Indulgence.

Did Gerard way married Sabrina henriquez?

No; Gerard Way is married to LynZ Way.

Is Gerard Way married?

Yes Gerard Way is indeed married to his beautiful wife LynZ.

Has Gerard butler ever been married?

Gerard Butler has never been married and has no children

Is Gerard Ways married?

Yes Gerard Way is indeed married to his beautiful wife LynZ.

Does Gerard Way want kids?

He's married. I would think he does. His wife, LIndsey, is pregnant and due in the Summer of '09. ----Gerard and his wife, Lindsey, have a daughter named Bandit-Lee Way together.

Is Gerard way from MCR getting married?

Gerard way is married to Lyn-z from Mindless self indulgence.

Who is Gerard Kenny married to?

He is married to Linda and they have twins

Is Gerard way and lyn-z pregnant?

yes, Gerard way and lyn-z are pregnant and are expecting around summer 2009

Does Gerard way is married with Eliza?

Gerard Way is married to Lyn-Z Way and has a daughter, Bandit Lee Way. He has never been married before.

What did frank and Gerard say about frerard?

frank said he enjoys it and its just them fooling around and gerard said he likes it too but they just had to cool it down because there married

Was Trisha Sarantakos married to Gerard Way?

YES Trisha Sarantakos was married to Gerard Way before she meant Paul Maccoy.

Did Gerard and lynz get married too soon?

Gerard way married lynz well I'm not soo sure but people prob not no the ansewer

Who is Gerard Butler married to?

To no one, as of July 20, 2010, is actor and singer Gerard Butler [b. November 13, 1969] married.

Is Gerard butler married?

He isn't currently married and never has been.

Was Gerard butler ever married?

No, he isn't married and never has been.

Is Gerard pique gay?

No, Gérard Piqué has a girlfriend who is Shakira.

When did Gerard way and eliza get engaged?

Gerard is married to Lindsay and has a baby girl named Bandit