Did Henry Hudson have a pet?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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This information is not given in his biography.

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Q: Did Henry Hudson have a pet?
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Did Henry Hudson have pet's why or why not?

yes, he had a frog

What is Henry Hudson's signature?

Henry Hudson

Who were Henry Hudson parents?

The parents of Henry Hudson are unknown, as is much of his early Life.The name of Henry Hudson's father was Robert Brick Hudson. Henry Hudson's mother was Anne Mariah Delmatre.

Henry hudson's childhood?

henry hudson's childhood


Henry Hudson Preparation

How sponsor Henry Hudson?

Henry Hudson Preparation

Was Henry Hudson greedy?

no Henry Hudson was determined.

Did Henry Hudson discover the Hudson river?

Yes, Henry Hudson dicovered the Hudson River in 1609

What is Henry Hudson's full name?

As far as historians know his full name is Henry Hudson.

What is Henry Hudson country flag picture?

Henry Hudson was born in the north of England and traveled to America.

Was Henry Hudson British?

Yes henry hudson was british

What country was Henry Hudson originally from?

Henry Hudson was from England.