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Did Hera the goddess have any talents or powers?

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Hera's powers were that she could move through air and change her shape!

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Did Hera have any powers?

No Hera was a goddess of women and marriage but she has no powers except those with which she was born.

Did Hera have any powers in Greek mythology?

Yes. Hera was a goddess of unknown limits of power.

Does the goddess nyx have any special talents?

prophetic powers like an oracle

The goddess Hera what powers did she have?

she didnt have any super powers....but she was the greek queen of gods in the greek mythology

Does hera have any powers?

Yes. Hera did have powers. She could only argue with the other gods and goddess but she could take memories and restore them back. She could also bring families closer to each other.

What are the powers of the Greek goddess Hera?

The powers of god and goddess are not to be limited by mortal mind.Hera is Zeus's wife, she doesn't have any real power but she has power as in authority. Her sign is the peacock, because she killed her 100-eyed guard, and his spirit lived on in a bird, thus, the peacock.

Did Hera have any important powers?

If you are reffering to the Greek goddess, than yes. She can shape-shift herself and other things.

Did the goddess Hera have any friends?


Is Hera dangreous?

Yes, in that any god or goddess is usually dangerous - but Hera was also a protector.

Did the name Hera come from any English wors or word?

The name Hera is Greek. Hera is the Greek goddess of the hearth and marriage.

Did any Romans honor Hera?

No, the Romans honored their goddess Juno who is seen as the counterpart of Greek Hera.

Is the greek goddess hera in any other cultures?

Hera was also in Roman mythology but her name was Juno.

Did the Greek Goddess Hera have any weapons?

does hara have any weapons and what weapond does she have

Did Demeter have any special powers?

She is an Goddess. Of course she has powers.

Do you have any in formation on hera?

Hera was a goddess that was Zeus's wife she was the goddess of marriage, birth, and love. I know a story where she is jealous very often. I am sorry I know no more.

Does Hera have any kids that are not with Zeus?

No, She was the goddess of marriage and did not believe in cheating

What were the accomplishments of iris the goddess?

As a goddess, Iris didn't have any accomplishments. She existed simply to serve as handmaiden and messenger to Hera.

What is the Greek goddess Hera's duties?

Hera is the goddess of women and marriage. She was jealous of her husband Zeus paying any attention to any other women.

What was the goddess Hera vindictive toward?

Zeus's lovers and offspring and any mortals who crossed her.

How old is the goddess Hera?

Immortal means ageless, she can appear to be any age she pleases.

Is there any human with supernatural power?

People have supernatural powers... but we call them talents ;)

What powers does the Greek goddess Psyche have?

Psyche wasn't originally a goddess. Though she became immortal, that doesn't necessarily make her a goddess. So no, Psyche doesn't have any powers.

Where can you get a Roman goddess costume of Hera?

First Hera was a Greek goddess. Her Roman name was Juno. You can buy some beautiful goddess costumes almost at almost any costume store. Look on the Internet They are kind of expensive, though. Try to find a peacock feather so you can be identified has Hera, since her bird is the peacock.

Did Greek goddess Hera have any pets?

She is usually pictured with a peacock so I guess a peacock

Was Poseidon accociated with any goddess?

Yes, his wife Amphitrite, his sisters Demeter, Hera, and Hestia.

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