Did Hugh Beaumont smoke

Updated: 11/11/2022
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I think it is safe to say that he did. On an episode of Leave it to Beaver, second season in the episode "The Bus Ride" you can see a pack of cigs in Mr. Cleavers shirt pocket.

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Β what brand of cigarettes did he smoke?

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Q: Did Hugh Beaumont smoke
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What is the birth name of Hugh Beaumont?

Hugh Beaumont's birth name is Beaumont, Eugene Hugh.

Is Harry Beaumont the father of Hugh Beaumont?

No. Hugh Beaumont was born to Ethel Adaline Whitney and Edward H. Beaumont.

What is Hugh Beaumont's birthday?

Hugh Beaumont was born on February 16, 1909.

When was Hugh Beaumont born?

Hugh Beaumont was born on February 16, 1909.

When did Hugh Beaumont die?

Hugh Beaumont was born on February 16, 1909 and died on May 14, 1982. Hugh Beaumont would have been 73 years old at the time of death or 106 years old today.

How did Hugh beaumont die?


When and where did baseball player Hugh Shelley die?

Hugh Shelley died June 16, 1978, in Beaumont, TX, USA.

Why did Hugh Beaumont get divorced?

cause hes a dog chicks dont like dogs

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Who portrayed wally and beaver cleaver's father on the leave it to beaver t v show?

Ward Cleaver , Beaver Cleaver's father , was played by the late Hugh Beaumont (February 16, 1909 - May 14, 1982) . Besides being a long-time respected character actor, Beaumont was also an ordained Presbyterian minister.

Jerry mathers and Hugh beaumont friends?

Yes, they became close until after the show ended.

Did Hugh beaumont attend southside high school in Memphis tn?

Hugh Beaumont went to South Side High School in Memphis. This is confirmed by the fact that according to the 1920 Census the Beaumont family lived at 925 McClemore Ave. in Memphis which is only a few blocks from South Side. He played football there and his picture was in the trophy case when I graduated in 1964.