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No...he only killed women who worked as prostitutes.

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How many men did Jack the Ripper kill?

None that we know of. His victims were women.

What sort of women did Jack the Ripper kill?

Jack the ripper only killed prostitutes

What motivated Jack the Ripper to kill?

The murders of Jack The Ripper were sexually motivated, with power being the main attraction for the killer.

Why did Jack The Ripper kill his wife?

Since Jack The Ripper was never caught there is no way to know if he even had a wife. If he did, he probably did not kill her or he would have fallen under suspicion immediately. Usually killers like the Ripper will kill strangers not family members.

When did Jack the Ripper kill Mary Ann Nichols?

She was the first canonical victims killed by Jack the ripper on 31st August 1888.

How did Jack the Ripper get to America?

Jack the Ripper did not get to America. He continued to kill long after the death of Mary Kelly in November of 1888. He was in London all along.

In what year did Jack the Ripper commit his murders?

1888 Most criminal historians agree that Jack The Ripper continued to kill after 1888. In the book by Patricia Cornwell Jack the Ripper Case Closed there is compelling proof that the Ripper crimes contiuned into the early 20th century.

How did ripper kill?

If you mean Jack the Ripper, he killed his victims with a knife, cutting the throats of women and then cutting out vital organs.

What evidence did the police find on Jack The Ripper kill Mary?

Police found no evidence on Jack The Ripper pertaining to Mary Kelly or any of the other victims either. Jack was never caught.

Did Jack the Ripper only kill women?

As far as we know - yes.Yes he did

When did Jack the Ripper kill Annie Chapman?

On Friday, 7th September 1888, Annie Chapman became the second victim of Jack the Ripper. The estimated time was 4.30 am or before.

Why did Jack the Ripper kill twenty three people?

The best person to answer that would be Jack himself. Or maybe he was bonkers.

Where did Jack The Ripper kill his first person?

It is very probable that his first victim was in London.

Did Jack the Ripper kill from 1988 until 1990?

No. He killed five victims in 1888

How did police catch Jack The Ripper?

Jack The Ripper was never caught.

Is Jack the ripper a vampire?

No. Jack the Ripper was just a serial killer.

Who did Jack the Ripper kill?

Jack The Ripper killed 5 women called...Annie ChapmanMary Ann NicholsElizabeth StrideCathrine EddowesMary Jane Kelly:)Prostitutes

Did Jack The Ripper try to kill anyone?

Jack The Ripper not only tried but succeeded in killing prostitutes, exactly how many is hotly debated. Whatever his day job was he was very adept as a murderer.

Was Dr. Bernardo Jack the Ripper?

Nobody knows who Jack the Ripper was.

Where did Jack the Ripper murder?

jack the ripper made his crimes in whitechapel London

Why is Bill O'reily Jack the Ripper?

He's not. Jack The Ripper was never identified.

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