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From what The Bible tells us there is nothing to suggest that Jesus was married. Many times all kinds of allegations and innuendo are suggested to smear Jesus' name but never any facts. On one occasion a woman anointed His feet and wiped them with her hair - in public. A group of women were part of a 'support team' who supplied material needs to the disciples and Jesus when they were able. Many incidental details are recorded in Jesus' life. Had he ever been married, a major event, it would have been recorded. Further to this, it would also seem out of line with His purpose to seek and to save that which was lost. In addition, why would someone whose whole life embodied love, knowing that He was to suffer and die and then leave the earth want to get married and leave an unsupported wife (and possibly a family) behind -no social security in those days.


I disagree that if it had happened it would have been recorded. The Bible leaves out some 20 years of his life. Doesn't the Bible teach he experienced everything that any man alive did? I bet sex and marriage was on that list. He probably got into fights and did a lot of other things we don't know about.


No, Jesus never got married to anyone.


There is a minority which believes that he did get married. Jesus married Mary. Jesus loved her. This minority uses interpretation of "The Last Supper" by Leadnardo Da Vinci as a supporting evidence for their thesis. They consider the figure left of Jesus to be a woman - Mary. There clothing is simlier. Though we do not know is he fathered a child. If he did the maybe was born after his death.


Actually from what the Bible doesn't tell us, Jesus was married. It was a necessity for a "Rabbi" to be married in order to obtain recognition as a teacher. If he was not married there would not be so many calling him by the name of Rabbi or Teacher. Further because it was so rare for a Rabbi not to be married the gospel writers would of, out of necessity, explained why Jesus was not married but still able to be recognized as a Rabbi or Teacher. Hence, we know from what the Bible doesn't tell us, that Jesus was in fact married. It is assumed that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. Mary was the first to see Christ after His bodily resurrection from the grave. When she realized it was Jesus she called Him Lord. This was an evidence that Christ was married to Mary in that the wife would call her husband Lord. The original Hebrew shows that she was referring to the Savior as husband and not just Lord. Also the gnostic gospels give more proof to a relationship between Jesus and Marry.


"The New Testament contains no explicit answer to the question of Jesus' marital state. It never mentions his wife, nor that he was unmarried. In fact, whenever the New Testament gospels refer to Jesus' natural relatives, they speak only of his father, mother, and siblings, but never of a wife.

Although almost all scholars of all religious persuasions take this as strong evidence of the singleness of Jesus, a few have proposed that, in fact, Jesus was married. In 1970, for example, William E. Phipps published Was Jesus Married? The Distortion of Sexuality in the Christian Tradition. In this book Phipps argued that the silence of the New Testament about the marital status of Jesus indicates that Jesus was in fact married. Why? Because virtually every Jewish man in Jesus' day did marry, especially those who were considered to be Rabbis.

One major problem with this argument, among several, is that it makes no room for an exception. Jesus was not required by law - either governmental or religious - to marry... Yes, this would have been perceived as an unusual, even a counter-cultural choice. But then Jesus never shied away from the unusual or counter-cultural, especially when it came to his relationships with women."


The encounter of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4) sheds light on the marital status of Jesus. Scholars such as Jill Levine reveal a common theme in Jewish literature regarding a well and the acquiring of a spouse. At a well, Rebbecca was selected by Eleazar to be the wife for Isaac (Gen24), Jacob meets Rachel (Gen.29) and Moses meets Zipporah (Ex. 2). Therefore, the well is a place for prominent Jewish figures to acquire women of virture. The well also represents the wisdom of the fairer sex (Prov 14:1) and the acquiring of that wisdom: "Matzah ishah matzah tov - he who finds a wife, finds a good thing." What is more, the well embodies the fidelity of ones spouse as represented by the fountain of waters contained therein:" Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well. Shall thy fountains be dispersed abroad, as rivers of waters in the streets? Let them be only thine own, and not the strangers' with thee. Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth." (Prov 5:15 -18)

It is no coincidence that all of these themes are advanced in the narrative penned by John. The scene would imply that Jesus should acquire the Samaritan woman as a wife. Yet, the opposite happens. Here, Jesus is the wise one - the living water. He is greater that Jacob who toiled to bring it to the surface, and fully wise. The woman is the opposite, for her water (fidelity) is exposed. She has had five husbands and is cohabiting with another.

Jewish readers familiar with the tradition of the well would have noticed this passage and understood its importance. There is no question that the narrative wants the readers to understand that, not only did Jesus not marry, he had a greater purpose and greater wisdom than any that preceded him.


This is too much. All of you who supported that he was married are in fact try to deny that He is a God in Trinity. Jesus never get married as He is so Holy and women who is human can't lay her sinful hands on Him. This is too much. Just trust what the bible said and if it is not recorded, then just don't make your own assumption base on other facts. Regarding the Rabbi or Teacher status, He is more than that. He is one in trinity. Even it is not state in bible, it is well known among christians.

my whole thing is we will never know for sure. BUT if he is holy why would he not partake in what the christain bible and and Jewish torrah says is the most holy act between a man and women. and if you knew your husband/wife was going to die 10 or so years down the rode, would you not marry them. we do say in sickness and in health for a reason.


no he wasn't married but historians argue that he liked a girl named Mary, not his mother, but another girl.

No, Jesus did not marry.
I don't know who Jejus is.

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