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From the biography of her in the New Advent encyclopedia, it appears that she did. Here are the relevant paragraphs: Finally she was suffered to seek the king at Chinon, and she made her way there with a slender escort of three men-at-arms, she being attired, at her own request, in male costume -- undoubtedly as a protection to her modesty in the rough life of the camp. She always slept fully dressed, and all those who were intimate with her declared that there was something about her which repressed every unseemly thought in her regard.

[. . .]

She was not allowed an advocate, and, though accused in an ecclesiastical court, she was throughout illegally confined in the Castle of Rouen, a secular prison, where she was guarded by dissolute English soldiers. Joan bitterly complained of this. She asked to be in the church prison, where she would have had female attendants. It was undoubtedly for the better protection of her modesty under such conditions that she persisted in retaining her male attire.

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On the other hand she was allowed no spiritual privileges -- e.g. attendance at Mass -- on account of the charge of heresy and the monstrous dress (difformitate habitus) she was wearing.

[. . .]

Moreover, as one of the points upon which she had been condemned was the wearing of male apparel, a resumption of that attire would alone constitute a relapse into heresy, and this within a few days happened, owing, it was afterwards alleged, to a trap deliberately laid by her jailers with the connivance of Cauchon. Joan, either to defend her modesty from outrage, or because her women's garments were taken from her, or, perhaps, simply because she was weary of the struggle and was convinced that her enemies were determined to have her blood upon some pretext, once more put on the man's dress which had been purposely left in her way. To read the entire entry, go here:

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Q: Did Joan of Arc dress as a man when she went to war?
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Why Did Joan of Arc dress as a man when she went to war?

Because at that time women did not go to war.

How did Joan of Arc dress?

Joan of Arc disguised herself as a man so that she could fight in battle. She continued to dress like a man for practicality.

Did Joan of Arc dress up like a man?


Was Joan of Arc a man?

No, she was a teenage girl.

Who dressed as a man but fought several battles?

Joan of Arc

What has Joan of Arc got to do with the Army?

Joan of Arc was actually a young woman who dressed up as a man to lead the French army against the British in the Hundred Years' War. Eventually the French won because of great leadership by Joan of Arc. While fighting though, Joan of Arc died.

Who dressed as a man and fought several battles?

Joan of Arc (the Maid).

Did Joan of Arc dress like a man and have short hair?

Yes, she wore men's clothing as female garb would not have been practical on the battle field. The same can be said for long hair. Joan had her hair cut short.

What tools did did Joan of Arc use for her exploration?

Joan wore the clothing of a man out of necessity, she had armour, a horse and sword.

How did Joan of Arc defy the gender conventions of her day?

Joan of Arc defied the gender conventions of her day. She fought in battles and dressed as a man. These facts were later used in her trial, and lead to her being burned at the stake.

What could womens not do in the middle ages?

Women could not become priests, they could not inherit all of their husband's wealth and possessions, they could not attend university or dress like a man. One of the charges against Joan of Arc was that she dressed as a man - and she was burned at the stake for it.

How much did the fact that Joan of Arc dressed as a man enter into the decision to burn her at the stake?

she died because of hersy

Joan of Arc was tried for a witch and a?

She was not actually tried as a witch, but as a heretic. She was assaulted in prison (awaiting her trial) and her clothes were ripped to shreds. Rather than be vulnerable for sexual harassment, Joan put on men's clothes that were thrown to her. The English claimed that because she had chosen to dress as a man, she was going against God's word.

Why did the judges considered Joan of Arc dressing like a man as evidence that she a witch and hearing the voice of saints as evidence that she was a heretic?

The voices of saints had little to do with her case. They tried her for heresy and not witchcraft as they felt they had no proof of witchcraft. However, scripture prohibited women from wearing men's clothing, except in certain circumstances. In prison they told Joan that she must dress as a woman, which she did. However, at night someone took her dress from her cell and she had no choice but to don her men's again. The 'court' interpreted this as a second infraction and sentenced her to death.

Did Joan of Arc have a fair trial?

No, it was not a fair trial. The Church court, which supported the British, was determined to find Joan guilty of something so that she could be executed. They were unable to prove she was either a witch or a heretic so decided to use an obscure mandate in the Old Testament forbidding women from wearing men's clothing. They forced Joan to sign a document stating she would no longer dress as a man. They then tricked her to wear men's garb again and found her guilty of being a relapsed heretic.

Why did Joan of Arc join the army?

she joined the army because she was very religious and said she saw st Micheal and st Catherine who told her that she should join the army dressed as a man

Why is it ok for a woman to cross dress and not a man?

A man can cross dress and many do.

What are facts about Saint Joan of Arc?

She died when she was 19 Dressed as a man is a saint is the yougest person in history to command the armies of a nation was sold to the english for 10000 gold francs patron of soldiers and france

How did Joan of Arc shape history?

St Joan of arc, was a very influential women in her time and now! She fought many battles and created a multitude of miracles in her life time. she was one of the only women in her time that dresses in men's clothing and represented as a man! she shaped history in many different way. But the main way i can think of was from her being such a good roll modle in faith and bravness. hope this helps! :)

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Can a man buy a wedding dress?

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Why was Joan of Arc convicted of heresy?

The court initially wanted to convict her of witchcraft, but upon examination they found she was still a virgin, and people believed that to be a witch one had to have had sex with the devil. So, since Joan of Arc was still a virgin, the court couldn't try her for witchcraft, and tried her for heresy instead.Joan of Arc was also convicted of heresy because the English and Burgundians wanted Joan dead for her successful efforts in leading the french against her, and so that she could not escape and lead the French in more successful campaigns, and because her death would severely demoralize French troops. The trial and conviction of heresy were orchestrated so that Joan could be killed.Clarification:The court could find nothing in Joan's testimony that could convict her of heresy. Instead, the bishop in charge found an obscure mandate in the Old Testament that forbade women from wearing men's clothing. The bishop had Joan sign a document in which she promised to never dress like a man again. At night British authorities removed all of the female clothing from Joan's cell and left her with nothing to wear but men's items. When she appeared in court the next day, the Bishop told her that she had violated her agreement and found her guilty of heresy.

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