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Yes, he did fight The Rock at WrestleMania 28 and WrestleMania 29

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Is John Cena better than The Rock?

i don't know very well but i like john cena better than the rock it could be the rock But John cena is a fan favorite if there was a match it would be john cena because WWE is scripted so john cena is like the money of the company but in a street fight i also think john cena cause of his strength

Who won John Cena or the rock?

The rock won but I think they are going to fight/wrestle again

When is the rock and john cena supposed to fight?

The Rock and John Cena are scheduled to fight April 1st 2012 at Wrestlemania. It is so far considered the main event even though it is not for any kind of championship.

Who is the winner between john cena and the rock in 2013?

The Rock has one in almost every fight even the most recent fight. They have not had a fight in 2013 but it would probably be the Rock.

Who is better John Cena or The Rock?

The Rock is BETTER than John cena because the rock has better moves than john cena and he will 99% win john cena and Wrestlemania 28

Will rock and John cena fight?

Yes, probably. But I don't think they'll fight before WrestleMania is over.

How many people think john cena will win the fight against the rock?

I think John Cena will win because he is really strong and sexy beast!

Who is stronger John Cena or the rock?

John Cena is much stronger than The Rock

Who won john cena or the rock in 2012?

the rock won because he did the rock bottom to john cena

Can the rock beat john Cena again?

No John Cena already beat The Rock at Wrestlemania and John Cena is the new WWE Champion

What is it with the Rock going after John Cena?

Because The Rock said John Cena was talking trash about him. So now The Rock wants to go after John Cena over that. I don't know what John Cena said about him though.

Did rock beat john cena you WrestleMania?

yes they are going to fight they even shake hands

Who is stronger the rock or John Cena?

(2011 wrestling match) We don't know exactly who is stronger, John Cena or The Rock. We have to see the fight at Wrestlemania first. Whoever wins is stronger. Good Luck, You too,!

Will john cena vs the rock someday?

Yes The Rock will vs John Cena at WrestleMania 28.

Who won john cena or the rock at WrestleMania 29?

John cena defeated the rock at wrestlmania 29!

Did the rock fight John Cena?

Yes. This year at wrestlemania 28. Rumored for another match soon.

Who is the strong John cena or the rock?

to tell you the truth John Cena is stronger

What did the rock call John Cena-?

The Rock called fellow wrestler John Cena a homeless Power Ranger.

Who won between John Cena and The Rock at WrestleMania 27?

The Rock won! Though John Cena was very close to beating him. Everyone does not like John Cena anymore.

Who is the bestJohn Cena or the rock?

The rock because he beat John cena at wm 28

Who would win in a fight john cena or the rock?

Who would win would depend on if it was a "professional wrestling" fight or an a real fight.In the case of a professional wrestling fight it would depend on who was scripted to win. Note that at WrestleMania XXVIII, The Rock faced Cena in the main event and won and at WrestleMania 29, Cena was the winner.In a real fight it's less certain since the Rock is 5 years older than Cena and may be in physical decline from his peak physique while Cena is still active in the "sport". It is notable that in non-scripted conversation Cena has referred to the Rock as "the biggest superstar in the history of WWE". And when discussing the greatest wrestlers the conversation normally includes BOTH the Rock and Cena.======================================================================================The Rock betrayed wwe. He would not come back to wrestle and besides, The Rock hasn't wrestled in a while so he may have some ring rust. Cena would win if they were to compete.this is a diff person then who wrote that anyway.....that person is obviously a loser the rock is a legand in every gameand hes a legend anyway who acres if he betrayed themit would be a legendary fight the rocks experience is an advantagebut john cena is one of the hardest wrestlers goin in historyi think in afew years time john cena should or would be a legend tooput john cena up against stone cold and see who winsif stone cold wins then the rock would obviously win cena toocoz stone cold vs the rock has always been legendary fightsbut if cena wins then obviously cena would beat the rock...true?John Cena has a lot of talent so all yhu people who say he will lose keep dreaming cuz john cena is the one and only greatest 9 time champion in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does the rock hate john cena?

the rock is jealous of him

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