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No!KEL MITCHELL DID NOT DIE...IT WAS ALL JUST A BIG RUMOR...A BIG LIE...TRUTH TO BE HONEST I JUST TALKED TO HIM ON USTREAM.COM...JUST A FEW WEEKS AGO...SO THERE THAT IS YOUR PROOF... :) :) :)that's not really proof but he is alive. The date that he was said to have died (june 2006) doesn't make sense because he was on "attack of the show" in 2008. That is proof.
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Q: Did Kel Mitchell really die
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Did Kel Kimble die?

Kel Mitchell is alive!!!!

Did Kel Mitchell die?

Kel did not die he was shot but he survives thank God.

How did kel mitchell die?

He stopped breathing.

What did kel mitchell die of?

kel mitchell has not died atall he is still alive with 2 children in a beach house in Ohio

What is the birth name of Kel Mitchell?

Kel Mitchell's birth name is Kel Johari Rice Mitchell.

What is Kel Mitchell's birthday?

Kel Mitchell was born on August 25, 1978.Kel Mitchell was born on August 25, 1978.

How did kel kimble die?

Kel Kimble is a character played by actor, Kel Mitchell. Neither the actor nor the character died, however, Mitchell has been the victim of death rumors in the past.

When was Kel Mitchell born?

Kel Mitchell was born on August 25, 1978.

Is Kel Mitchell cute?

Kel Mitchell is not that bad looking he is pretty cute actually especially when he was in Kenan and Kel ;)

Where was Kel Mitchell born?

Kel Mitchell was born August 25, 1978 in Chicago, IL.

Has Kel Mitchell died?

No! Kel Mitchell has not died! He is alive! You can even check his twitter: "Iamkelmitchell".

When did kel kimble die?

No he didn't he's still alive. Check Wikipedia if your still not sure. Kenan and Kel has not died. Kel Mitchell is now thirty one.

Did Kel Mitchell play on Friday?


Is Kel Mitchell dead?

No. As of his 39th birthday, comedian Kel Mitchell is still alive (born August 25, 1978).

How old is Kel Mitchell?

US comic actor Kel Mitchell is 39 years old (birthdate: August 25, 1978).

Where is kel mitchell now?

Kel Mitchell is alive and living he does a lot with schools and gives speeches his Twitter is iamkelmitchell his insta is iamkelmitchell

Who plays Kel in Kenan and Kel?

Kel Johari Rice Mitchell is an American actor, comedian and musician best known for his work as Kel Kimble on the Nickelodeon sitcom Kenan & Kel

Did kel mitchell ever go out with vanessa baden?


Does kel mitchell have any children?

He has two kids.

Is Kel Mitchell related to Sisqo?

yes there brothers

Was Kel Mitchell in an episode of Liv and Maddie?

Yes , Kel Mitchell was in the Liv & Maddie TV series : 1st episode, "Howl-A-Rooney" as Q pop .

What is Kel Mitchells latest movie?

Kel Mitchell's latest movie as of 2016 was called "Caught on Tape."

Did Kel mitchell turn into waka flocka flame?

yes he did

Will Kel Mitchel be in a movie with Kenan Thompson?

Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson appeared in the movie Goodburger together in 1997.

Is kel micthell dead?

As of June 2014, Kel Mitchell is alive and well. Kel married rapper, Asia Lee, in 2012, and continues to appear in television shows.