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No, her father did not die he had surgery. It was paid for by Lady Gaga.

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No Stepanie's (lady gagas real name) mom and dad are still alive she is very close to her parents.

Lady Ga Ga's dad is called Joseph Germanotta

her parents are Italian-American

her dad is a italin-American and her mum is American

Yes, she is of Italian descent.

Cynthia Germanotta is the mum and the dad is Joseph Germanotta.

yes, joseph is still alive :P

Younger Sister- Natali, Mom- Cynthia, Dad- Joseph

Nope, he's alive and well, and his name is Joseph Germanotta

Her mom and dad founded a business selling wifi to hotels.

Cynthia Germanotta is Lady Gaga's mom, her dad is Joseph Germanotta, and Lady GaGa was born originally as Stefani Germanotta :)

Lady GaGas Biggest crush is Sam Coffey

daivid beckam nah its a lizard called petethat lives in the arctic not david beckham

Lady Gaga's dad is still alive. She sang about him in her song Speechless, as a plea for him to please go on and get heart surgery. He is healthy and loving his life and proud of his daughter.

Lady Gaga has never had any kids, so none of them have died.

Lady GaGas hair is naturally brown, as she is an american-italian.

NO! Her sister is called Natalie and she is not dead! She is in the video for Telephone.

get a life people gosh get a job u guys r ruining ur lifes

lady gagas dream is to get people to be comfortable in whatever they wan to wear like her lol

Dad: Joseph Germanotta Mom: Cynthia Source:

she is a little out there.

lady gaga's crush is JajakI

Her mate is called Lady STARLIGHT.

Lady Gaga is a singer/songwriter.

Lady Gaga does not have a pet.

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