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Yes, she did and it was expencive...Very expencive...

There is rumor about her Nose Job(Rhinoplasty).

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Yes ( nearly every celebrity has )

Nowhere. Lady Gaga has had no plastic surgery.

Yes, she got cosmetic surgery on her face.

Inspite of rumours; At the Current Time , Lady Gaga has had no plastic surgery

To hurt Lady Gaga you poke her face

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She hasn't had plastic surgery because she is against it. She did wear prosthetics on her face for born this way though.

lady gaga cried because they pocker face

Lady Gaga does not have any tattoos on her face.

I think around 2010 she got plastic surgery on her face but i dont know if that counts

Lady Gaga got plastic surgery for a refinement on her nose.

lady gaga wrote ,Speechless when her father was forced to get open heart surgery

lady gaga did have plastic surgery u c she was a man but then changed her gender

Background vocals were done by Lady Gaga and RedOne

It was not poker face it was My name is Lady Gaga.

No. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (Lady Gaga) was born a female and still is today.

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Just Dance! Also see joke... How do you wake up Lady Gaga? Poke her face (as in poke her face)

Lady GaGa second single Poker Face sold 10,708,000 World Wide!

yeah she did and shes going to die

No, nothing has been said about a surgery.

Yes, she had and she is now pretty :)

No, her father did not die he had surgery. It was paid for by lady gaga.

Yes she did.You can see that just type in pictures on Google: Lady GaGa before and after.