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Lady Gaga did have plastic surgery u c she was a man but then changed her gender


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What is "Deck" surgery? I think you mean "Dick" and no

Nowhere. Lady Gaga has had no plastic surgery.

Inspite of rumours; At the Current Time , Lady Gaga has had no plastic surgery

Lady Gaga got plastic surgery for a refinement on her nose.

Yes, she had and she is now pretty :)

Because her nose was oblique !

Yes. She has enhanced cheek bones.

Although there has been much speculation about Lady Gaga's potential plastic surgery, her representatives have declined to comment about it.

Lady Gaga has denied all the rumors of plastic surgery. She has actually made several statements about being happy with yourself in any form you may take and celebrating your perceived flaws.

No, actually she said she was "too chicken to do it". Therefore, according to Lady Gaga, she has not had it but she is not against it nor does she judge people who have had it. Well she would have it but shes a chicken to do it.

I'm not sure but she wanted to in July 2009.

The most amazing singer ever means that it is the best thing known to man. Examples: Lady Gaga Katy Perry Rihanna Black Eyed Peas Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Britney Spears Justin Timberlake Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Adele Adele Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Usher Lady Gaga There are many more but they are the main.

"Vintage Gaga" is a term used to describe Lady Gaga before she became 'Lady Gaga'.

No. Lady Gaga is real. Lady Gaga isn't a fake and never will be.

no, lady gaga is not australian.

Lady Gaga is Caucasian.

No, Lady Gaga is not a Christian.

No, Lady Gaga is bisexual

No, Lady Gaga is not a convict.

No , Lady Gaga is not a Hermaphrodite

Lady GaGa is Catholic.

Lady Gaga does not smoke.

Lady Gaga is not married

Lady GaGa is a satanist

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