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Although there has been much speculation about Lady Gaga's potential plastic surgery, her representatives have declined to comment about it.


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Lady Gaga got plastic surgery for a refinement on her nose.

Yes, I think she has had plastic surgery on her nose. pretty sure! x

No, Lady Gaga has stated that she would never get surgery unless it was to save her life. If Lady Gaga had a nose job it would not be huge and it would change her entire voice.

Because her nose was oblique !

No. Lady Gaga does not have a nose peircing.

No. The only known plastic surgery that she has had was Rhinoplasty (a nose job).

Yes, she did and it was expencive...Very expencive... There is rumor about her Nose Job(Rhinoplasty).

Rhinoplasty ('rī-nō-"plas-tē) is Plastic Surgery on the Nose.

Yes, They had.They did plastic surgery on Nose, mouth, eyes, chin.

There are many types of plastic surgery. They include things from ears, eyes and face to stomach fat. The one this question is centered around are nose plastic surgeries. A Rhinoplasty is a nose plastic surgery.

he had plastic sugary on his nose

"Plastic surgery also has the risk of not looking like it was expected to. Surgery on the nose can also change the sound of the voice, causing many singers to avoid the surgery."

well if you were smart you wouldn't get plastic surgery on your nose DUHHHHHH!!!!

when lady gaga was younger, she hated her nose and people at school used to bully her becasue she had a big nose, but she learnt to live with it by chanelling everything into her music. personally i think she is beautiful

yes! Nicole kidman had a nose surgery.

No,she did not get a nose job!But,she is looking forward to plastic surgery!

No, Hayley's nose has not had plastic surgery but she did pierce it.

on her eyes and she had plastic surgery with her nose you can notice the difference between when she was in zoey101 and in victorious

Cosmetic nasal surgery is called rhinoplasty, and is performed by a licensed plastic surgeon.

No, she has had no plastic surgery.

No, in fact she made it personally clear that she's kind of afraid of plastic surgeries, and even if she wasn't, it would modify her voice. She gets on well with her italian nose, she twittered once: "I can pick my own nose".

yes, victoria had a nose job. you can tell in between. she also had plastic surgery on her eyes.

Yes butt surgery and breast surgery. and also her nose.

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