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did Langston hughes write plays,stories and poetry about a black life

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Q: Did Langston Hughes write playsstories and poetry about black life?
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Did Langston Hughes wright playsstories and poetry about black life?

no he didn't write play stories and poetry

Does Langston Hughes poetry resonate today among black Americans?


Did Langston Hughes wrote plays stories and poetry about black life?

i think he did?

Langston Hughes plays stories and poetry about black life?

no but don't ask me again (^^^)

Langston hughes wrote plays stories and poetry about black life?

no but don't ask me again (^^^)

Is Langston Hughes black or white?


What made Langston hughes want to write poetry?

Langston Hughes wanted to write peotry because he felt that he need to spread to the world how he felt about things, especialy the issue of slavery and black people.

How do Langston Hughes relate to black history?

He was an intellectual during the Harlem Renaissance. He wrote poetry for the social gain of blacks.

Was Langston Hughes a black man?

he is Mexican

What is Langston Hughes favorite colors?


What is Langston Hughes's favorite color?


what is langston hughes favorite color?


Why did Langston Hughes write poetry?

What influenced his poetry was because of the fact that his father couldn't find a job in the United States and had to find a job in Mexico because he was a black.

How is Langston Hughes a hero?

he is a hero becuse now black people work can be seen and langston hughes made that possible

What was Langston Hughes main reason to write?

Langston Hughes wrote poetry about the African American situation in New York to express the struggle and hardships of the black community. He also wrote about the cultural aspects such as blues/jazz music and dance.

Black author of the 1920's?

Langston Hughes

What obstacle did Langston hughes?

He was desciminated because he was black.

Why was Langston Hughes important to black history?

brimm gang

What obstacles did Langston Hughes face?

He was desciminated because he was black.

Who was the first black writer of the realist movement?

Langston Hughes.

Was Langston Hughes the only black American writer in his time?

no he was not.

Langston Hughes and Duke Ellington- What they did do?

Langston Hughes - writer. Duke Ellington - jazz musician and composer. Both were famous black Americans.

Was Langston Hughes the first black poet?

no Alonzo monorato was the fist black poet

Why was Langston Hughes famous?

he was the only black American writer of his time.

What did Langston Hughes do for black people?