Did Langston Hughes write playsstories and poetry about black life?


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did Langston hughes write plays,stories and poetry about a black life

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Langston Hughes wanted to write peotry because he felt that he need to spread to the world how he felt about things, especialy the issue of slavery and black people.

He was an intellectual during the Harlem Renaissance. He wrote poetry for the social gain of blacks.

What influenced his poetry was because of the fact that his father couldn't find a job in the United States and had to find a job in Mexico because he was a black.

Langston Hughes wrote poetry about the African American situation in New York to express the struggle and hardships of the black community. He also wrote about the cultural aspects such as blues/jazz music and dance.

he is a hero becuse now black people work can be seen and langston hughes made that possible

He was desciminated because he was black.

Langston Hughes - writer. Duke Ellington - jazz musician and composer. Both were famous black Americans.

no Alonzo monorato was the fist black poet


he made black people proud of who they were.

he was a black man with a lil bill

he was the only black American writer of his time.

Perhaps you're referring to Langston Hughes' grandfather, Charles Henry Langston, a black activist during the 19th century.

he was important because he gave black people hope!

He was black, he wrote poems, he lived, he died

Harlem Renaissance poet and writer, Langston Hughes, was the great-nephew of John Mercer Langston. Langston was the first black man elected to Congress in 1888 and the founder and namesake of Langston University in the Oklahoma territory. The town of Langston, Oklahoma was also founded and named for him in 1890.

It means that langston hughes Dad was a righ white man but his mother was black. So hes not really sure whether hes white or black. He just a cross of the two.

Langston Hughes penned poetry that spoke to the oppression of black people and the quest to rise above it. Hughes is one of America's most prized African-American poets who is known best for his work during the Harlem Renaissance.

Langston Hughes was a famous American writer. His fame mainly came from the fact that he was the first documented black writer that could support himself with his literary work.

Langston Hughes.............................................

He was a renowned Black poet that fluorished during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s.

Langston Hughes that's the author the speaker is the black community

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