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No, he did not marry, or have any children.

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Leonardo da Vinci had no children since he was not married.

If you mean Da Vinci he was never married and had no children.

No, leonardo never had a wife

Leonardo da Vinci did not.

Leonardo da Vinci did not have any children.

No, Leonardo da Vinci never had any children and he never married. There is the possibility (although it will never be able to be proved or disproved) that Leonardo da Vinci may have been a homosexual.

Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci

Leonardo da Vinci did not have a wife and kids. But his closet relationship was with two of pupils. The relationship was known to be in a sexual nature. Da Vinci and 3 other men were charge with sodomy but later acquitted. From then Leonardo was presumed homosexual.

leonardo da vinci did not adopt any children he lived alone in his house no kids no nothing

Da Vinci never married according to all available records and biographies.

Leonardo da Vinci did not have any adopted children.

No, she was the wife of a wealthy banker who commissioned Leonardo to paint her portrait.

Da. Da means 'of' in italian. He was born in Vinci.

Da vinci never married, and is not known to have ever had any children.

No, because da in Leonardo da Vinci basically means of.

Leonardo Da Vinci Was An Artist,Inventer, And a Scientist. He Was Born On April 15, 1452, Near The Town Of Vinci, Not Far From Florence. His Full Name Was Leonardo Di Ser Piero Da Vinci. He Did Not Marry Or Have Children.

Leonardo da Vinci was a Roman Catholic.

Leonardo da Vinci was imprisoned in 1509

Leonardo da vinci Leonardo da vinci

Verrocchio trained Leonardo da Vinci.

No. Leonardo da Vinci was a Catholic Christian.

Yes that's why he was called Leonarda da Vinci, the literal translation is Leonardo of Vinci, he didn't have a surname when he was born so he was called Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (Leonardo son of Piero of Vinci) which was later shortened to Leonardo da Vinci.