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Q: Did Louis riel help the french Canadians?
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Was Louis Riel a French Settler?

Louis Riel was a french-canadian métis. He was born in Manitoba.

What Languages did Louis Riel speak?

Louis Riel spoke English, French, and Michif, a mixed language combining Cree and French.

What was Louis Riel daughter name?

Louis Riel's daughter's name was Jean-Louis Riel.

Who were the jurors in the Louis Riel trial?

There were six English-speaking jurors and six French-speaking jurors in the Louis Riel trial. They were selected from the population of the Northwest Territories.

What was Louis riel's race?

Human. Louis Riel was a member of the Human Race. Born in the Red River Colony to French parents he would today be considered Western Canadian.

Who is Louis riel's dad?

Louis Riel's father. a well-respected leader in the Métis community, was also named Louis Riel.

Why did Louis Riel come to Alberta?

Louis Riel did not "come to Alberta."

Why was Louis Riel remered?

Louis Riel is remembered for the Manitoba Act .

What province did Louis Riel form?

why did Louis Riel form Manitoba

How many children did Louis riel have?

Louis Riel had three children.

When was Louis Riel - comics - created?

Louis Riel - comics - was created in 2003.

When did Louis Riel - comics - happen?

Louis Riel - comics - happened in 2003.