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Q: Did Lucas Till play in secondhand lions?
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Does Lucas Till play in the Hunger Games?

No, Lucas Till does not play in the Hunger Games film.

In Secondhand Robert Duvall and Michael Caine play Hub and Garth?

LIONS (save some oodles for me)

What NFL team does Cornelius Lucas play for?

Cornelius Lucas plays for the Detroit Lions.

Does Lucas Till play in Secretariat?


What position does Cornelius Lucas play?

Cornelius Lucas plays Offensive Tackle for the Detroit Lions.

How long do lions play?

till they get tired

Does Lucas Till Play Travis in Hannah Montana The Movie?

Yes, Lucas Till plays Travis, Miley Stewart's (Miley Cyrus) in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Is Lucas Till going to play Peeta Mellark?

No...theres a hot fellow by the name of Josh Hutcherson that will be :)

Is Lucas Till in Hannah Montana The Movie?

Yes, Lucas Till plays Travis, Miley's new crush in the movie. In the movie, when they were younger Miley and Travis used to play together and now they rejoined as friends, then something more.

What are facts about Secondhand Serenade?

Secondhand Serenade began with just John Vesely. He used to play bass until his wife asked him to serenade her, and you can't serenade someone (especially your wife!) with a bass, so he picked up an acustic. He recorded his first album "Awake" and then he recorded "A twist in my story" with a full band including his brother Lucas Vesely. John Vesely used the name Secondhand Serenade because the songs he performs are actually serenades to his wife and the world is hearing them all secondhand.

Does lucas cruikshank play guitar?

No, Lucas Cruikshank does not play an instrument. (he used to play piano)

Do sea lions play with balls?

Some sea lions do play with balls. Most sea lions that play with balls are trained to do the tricks.

In what stadium do the Lions play?

The Detroit Lions play in the Ford Stadium

Who play the characters in Hannah Montana the movie?

Travis Broody Is Lucas Till Rico Is Mioses Areas Lilly Is Emily Osment Robbie Ray Is Billy Rae cYrus

In what city do the lions play in?

the lions play in Detriot MI.

What sport do the British Lions play?

The British Lions, now known as the British and Irish Lions, play rugby union football.

What position does Lucas Digne play?

Lucas Digne plays as a Defender for France.

What position does Lucas Biglia play?

Lucas Biglia plays as a Midfielder for Argentina.

What division does lions bears and packers play in?

The Lions, Bears, Packers (and the Vikings too) play in the NFC North.

What NHL team does Lucas Lessio play for?

Lucas Lessio plays for the Arizona Coyotes.

What MLB team does Ed Lucas play for?

Ed Lucas plays for the Miami Marlins.

What MLB team does Lucas Harrell play for?

Lucas Harrell plays for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What MLB team does Lucas Luetge play for?

Lucas Luetge plays for the Seattle Mariners.

What position does Lucas Nix play?

Lucas Nix plays Guard for the Oakland Raiders.

What NFL team does Marcus Lucas play for?

Marcus Lucas plays for the Carolina Panthers.