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Doubtful, as Marco Polo lived in the late 11th and early 12th century. This was long before Europe discovered North America.

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Q: Did Marco Polo encounter Americans?
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Who did Marco polo encounter?

who did marco polo encounter

What people did marco polo meet?

he encounter an Indian

What people did Marco Polo encounter?

the pope and the great khan

Was Marco Polo nice to Native Americans?

Marco Polo traveled to China in the 13th century. There is no record of him meeting Native Americans.

Did Marco polo encounter any difficulties on his trip on his trip?

yes he did

What were the Native Americans that Marco Polo met like?

Marco Polo did not travel to America and did not meet Native Americans; he travelled to China and met the Chinese.

What problems did Marco Polo encounter?

He got in Badakhan and stayed there a year to recover.

Did marco polo invent marco polo?

No Marco Polo did not invent the game Marco Polo.

How did native Americans treat Marco polo?

i like trains

What did Marco polo encounter on his trip to china?

He brought back many of their technologies in his accounts of his journeys.

What obstacles did Marco polo encounter?

Marco Polo and his band of travelers, along with his father and uncle, had to cross the Alps, the desert, and water. They ran into bandits, snow storms, and wrecked a few ships.

How do you draw Marco polo?

marco polo

Did Marco Polo sail across the Atlantic?

Marco Polo never went to the Atlantic. He traveled across Eurasia exclusively, documenting discoveries and his journey such as his encounter with Kublai Khan and observing the traditions of the Mongolians.

How did the game of Marco polo start?

the marco polo game started becuase MARCO POLO traveled a lot so its like wheres "marco""polo"

What nationalityis Marco Polo?

Marco Polo is Venetian.

Who is the author of Marco Polo and his travels?

Marco Polo

Where was Marco Polo captured?

where was Marco polo captured

Is it Marcopolo or is it Marco polo?

Marco Polo is correct.

Where did Marco Polo take his children?

Marco... Polo

What are 3 facts about Marco Polo?

Marco Polo was 17 when he went on his first travel. Marco Polo was captured by the Genoese. Marco polo knew four languages.

Who did Marco Polo leave with?

marco polo left with his dad nicolo polo

Did Marco polo have a girlfriend?

Marco Polo did not have a girlfriend. Marco polo did have a girlfriend cause he had a wife and 3 kids.

Who wrote the voyages of Marco Polo?

Rustichello da Pisa and Marco Polo wrote The Travels of Marco Polo.

Was Marco Polo the game named after Marco Polo?

Yes, it was because Marco Polo was an explorer and he found stuff. That's why in Marco Polo, you have to find someone with your eyes closed.

Marco Polo sponser?

Marco polo sponser is nothing