Did Messi break his leg

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Your question is a bit misleading. Lionel Messi was found to have a growth hormone deficiency when he was a child. It is a medical condition, not an illness. He would have taken daily growth hormone injections as a child/teenager to boost his height. I am not sure if Lionel Messi is a case of that he produces his own growth hormone (and just needed a bit more because he wasn't growing enough), or if he doesn't produce growth hormone at all. If you don't produce it at all, you are advised to stay on it for life because it also contributes to other effects (besides growth) such as general well being, energy, bone density, muscle mass etc. If a person who doesn't produce any growth hormone themselves comes off the gh injections, they would be prone to osteoporosis, no energy, weakness, and basically a poor quality of life. Staying on growth hormone for life doesn't mean the person will continue to grow. Come 18yrs old you stop growing regardless, simply due to genetics. In comparison, people who naturally produce their own growth hormone still produce it throughout their lives for the same reasons as I've mentioned above.

As you know growth hormone is banned in competitive sports for obvious reasons. But remember this is referring to sportsmen/women who are using it but are already producing their own growth hormone, and then they have an injection which is increasing their growth hormone levels on top of what they already produce. I can imagine besides providing them with increased performance, it can also prove to be bad for their health in the long run.

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i think he did but i don't think he did. i don''t know wkfjbkjfhbu ir eggbyyw tgegh tyer tret

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I dont know how he got injured but it was a hamstring injury

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Q: Did Messi break his leg
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