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Mia Hamm joined the US national team at age 15. She attended college at the University of North Carolina.

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Mia Hamm liked to watch college basketball, cook, and play soccer.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

No, Mia Hamm retired from Soccer in 2004.

Mia Hamm doesnt play soccer anymore... she retired in 2004

Mia Hamm play soccer. That is what role Mia Hamm played.

yes she still plays soccer

Mia Hamm plays soccer, and many people think that she is the best female soccer player in the world

The famous Mia Hamm started to play football when she was five years old.

yes she did she started when she was 9.

Yes, girls can play soccer; for example a successful female footballer, Mia Hamm.

Mia Hamm was the first woman to play soccer

Mia Hamm startedplaying soccer because she was finding new friends and because she was folowing in her brothers foot steps.

She used to play for the U.S soccer team...

Mia Hamm is funny, family oriented, smart, nice, and loves to play soccer.

she started to play soccer when she was young because it was her dads favorite sport

Mia Hamm started to play soccer when she was 5 years old. When she was two, she took the ball away from a 5 year old in Italy. Then she moved and when she turned 5, she started to play on a team.

she do squads,jogging,streathing and prepare to play soccer!

No, she stated when she was 5 in Texas's.

yes because women cant play and mia hamm is really a guy

NFL player Je'Ron Hamm played for Louisiana-Monroe.

her coach enjoyed her most on the team! she respected him

She played on the U.S women's national soccer team.

she inspires girls to play soccer and to do the best job they can

play soccer and has her own mia hamm foundation that raises money for bone marrow research. (go hamm is a wonderful person overall!

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