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No. Moshi Monsters was going on before the new bin. Bin Weevils copied Moshi Monsters.

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Moshi Monsters is owned by Mind Candy, Ltd. Bin Weevils is owned by Bin Weevils, Ltd.

No. Michael Acton Smith created Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters is owned by Mind Candy, Ltd while Bin Weevils is owned by Bin Weevils, Ltd.

No. Bin Weevils is from BinWeevils Inc. while Moshi Monsters is from Mind Candy Ltd.

No. Bin Weevils is owned by a company called Bin Weevils Ltd. while Moshi Monsters is owned by Mind Candy.

Moshi Monsters is better by FAR. Bin weevils is a piece of junk. The graphics stink. The weevils move slow. On bin weevils, everything says BIN TYCOON MEMBERS ONLY. That's what every single thing says! Even ugly ball pets! On Moshi Monsters, the graphics are way better! The monsters are always fast. And Moshi Monsters keeps getting better while bin weevils stays the same. On Moshi Monsters, they give non-members a little bit of furniture to help them get started. On bin weevils, they give you nothing. Also bin weevils saw how much money and decided to copy them, because their lazy butts didn't want to get up and come up with their own idea. Bin weevils copied and I want them to either improve their game or shut it down.

No, Bin Weevils and Moshi Monsters are two different online games. People can play either or both games if they want to.

Yes moshi monster is better than bin weevils. Because on moshi monsters you can find friends on the friends tree. Also moshi monsters can have 2 pets and bin weevils can have none. Add me on moshi monsters. Username is fahim401

my phone broke and if U have a moshi monsters or bin weevils account Please message me on moshi monsters my name is amy80908090 on bin weevils my name is maisy1876

my cousins dad he made club penguin, stardoll, bin weevils ,secret builders and moshi monsters!

neopets,bin weevils,club penguin

Moshi is the best! There are more players on Moshi Monsters. Also, all ages play it. On Bin Weevils there are a lot more mean people. I have never ever been bullied on MM! Also, Bin totally copied Club Penguin and MM.

No. They are different games which were developed by different companies.

club penguin, moshi monsters, and moviestar planet

Debenhams and at the counter next to moshi monsters obes

Yes, they copied Moshi Monsters and other kids sites...

there is moshi monsters,panfu and club penguin

yes there is bin weevils and moshi monsters.:-)

Moshi monsters is better because... You can find friends easily on the friends tree. You could get 2 pets and on bin weevils you get none! Moshi monsters are for kids all ages but adults play aswell! When you are a member on moshi monsters you get to do more fun stuff and on bin weevils its like your not even a member! If you are a fan of club penguin and you think it is better than Moshi monsters well you are wrong! Moshi monsters is way better! Please recommend this answer! By fahim401 my username on moshi monsters is fahim401 aswell add me! Thanks if you recommended (= ... And also because you live in a house on moshi monsters and you have to live in a BIN on binweavils!! Lolcat2748

club penguin and moshi monsters and bin weevils there is all so webkins and lego universe(but have to download)

Pokemon Indigo. Bin Weevils. Moshi Monsters

yes there is like club penguin, bin weevils and moshi monsters

theres panfu club penguin and moshi monsters and Pandora and webkins

there is moshi monsters,bin weevils,pan and many more

because they will get membership and so they wont be bored

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