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No, but in 1965 it won eight Academy Awards (Best Actor - Rex Harrison; Best Director - George Cukor; Best Picture; Art Direction - Set Decoration/Color; Cinematography/Color; Costume Design/Color; Music and Sound).

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Did Mary Poppins win the Oscar for Best Picture?

No, "Mary Poppins" was nominated, but lost the Academy Award for Best Picture to "My Fair Lady" in 1964. However, "Mary Poppins" did win the awards for Best Actress (Julie Andrews), Best Film Editing, Original Music Score, Best Song ("Chim Chim Chir-ee"), and Special Visual Effects.

When did the sound of music win best picture?

"The Sound of Music" won the 1965 Academy Award for Best Picture. It was one of four musicals to win the top Oscar during the 1960s, along with "West Side Story" (1961), "My Fair Lady" (1964) and "Oliver!" (1968).

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Who was the first European player to win the Lady Byng Award?

The first European to win the Lady Byng was Jari Kurri of the Edmonton Oilers in 1985.

Which was the first Bond movie to win an Oscar Award?

"Goldfinger" (1964) won a sound editing award for Norman Wanstall.

What year did Charles Schulz win the Reuben Award?

Charles Schulz was twice awarded the Reuben Award in 1955 and 1964 .

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Can you name any musicals which win Oscars?

Several musicals won Best Picture Oscars in the 1960s: "West Side Story" (1961), "My Fair Lady" (1964), "The Sound of Music" (1965) and "Oliver!" (1968).

What movies were nominated for Best Picture of 1961?

The 1961 Best Picture nominees were: "Fanny"; "The Guns of Navarone"; "The Hustler"; "Judgment at Nuremberg"; and "West Side Story." The Oscar went to "West Side Story," the first of four musicals to win the Best Picture award in the 1960s. The three others: "My Fair Lady" (1964), "The Sound of Music" (1965) and "Oliver!"

Did Julie Andrews ever win an Academy Award?

Yes. She won Best Actress for Mary Poppins (1964).

Did Dean Chancee ever win a Cy Young award?

Yes, in 1964 when he pitched for the Los Angeles Angels.

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Bob Gibson of the St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series MVP award in 1964. He also won the award in 1967. Sandy Koufax, Reggie Jackson and Gibson are the only players to win the World Series MVP award twice.

Who win the best director in Oscars 2010?

Kathryn Bigelow won the award and also made Oscar history because she was the first lady to win in this category

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How does a book qualify to win a Caldecott award?

How does a Caldecott award qualify to win.

Did Dave Keon win a Lady Byng award?

Yes, Dave Keon won 2 Lady Byng awards (1961-62 season and 1962-63 season).

What year did Bill Mazeroski win a Gold Glove Award?

Bill Mazeroski won the Gold Glove Award eight times in his career. He won the award in 1958, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1967.