Did North Korea attempt the iron lotus?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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No, the actual move has never been done in real life. It was made up especially for the movie. Physics won't allow it humanly possible to be performed. There are too many complicated elements compiled as one. Besides, it would not be allowed because in competition only the butterfly would be allowed to be done alone without the other person being thrown into the air.

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Q: Did North Korea attempt the iron lotus?
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Fire and Ice The "Iron Lotus", an extremely complicated maneuver that Robert developed years ago. However, it is also dangerous: the only attempt of the maneuver was in North Korea and resulted in the man decapitating the woman with his skate blade.

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no it is not

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What special skating technique is attempted in blades of glory?

Iron Lotus

What special skating technique attempted in the movie Blades of Glory?

iron lotus

What special skating technique is attempted in the movie Blades of Glory?

Iron Lotus