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Q: Did Notre Dame win yesterdays game?
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Who beat UCLA at the end of there game win streak?

Notre Dame

Who will win Notre Dame or George Mason?

Notre Dame of course

Who was the last QB from Notre Dame to win a bowl game?

Kevin mcdougal

Which the most winner duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

duke or notre dame college basketball most win series??

What is the win record for notre dame vs SEC teams?

As of the 2008 season, Notre Dame leads the series 42-32-5.

What was notre dame's worst football season?

In modern times, Notre Dame was 2-8 (.200) twice, 1956 and 1960. By win percentage, Notre Dame was 0-3 (.000) in 1887, which is also generally regarded as the first season of football for Notre Dame.

Who the most win duke or Notre Dame college basketball?

Total Meetings (4) Notre Dame Won 3 times and lost once

Who stopped UCLA men's basketball 88 win streak?

...notre dame...

How many games did Lou Holts win at Notre Dame?

In eleven seasons, Lou Holtz's record at Notre Dame was 100-30-2. (76.5% winning percentage.)

What is the lyrics of the Notre Dame hymn?

If you are referring to the song Notre Dame Our Mother the lyrics are as follows. Notre Dame, our Mother Tender, strong and true Proudly in the heavens, Gleams thy gold and blue. Glory's mantle cloaks thee Golden is thy fame, And our hearts forever, Praise thee, Notre Dame. And our hearts forever, Love thee, Notre Dame. The Notre Dame Victory March lyrics are: Rally sons of Notre Dame, Sing her glory, and sound her fame Raise her Gold and Blue, And cheer with voices true, Rah! Rah! For Notre Dame. We will fight in every game Strong of heart and true to her name. We will ne'er forget her And we'll cheer her ever, Loyal to Notre Dame. Chorus: Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame Wake up the echoes cheering her name, Send the volley cheer on high, Shake down the thunder from the sky, What though the odds be great or small Old Notre Dame will win over all, While her loyal sons are marching Onward to Victory.

What year did the University of Notre Dame win their first national championship in football?


When did notre dame win it's last football national championship?