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Yes he did, at one of his concerts in Des Moines, Iowa. Accidentally. At certain shows Ozzy would throw raw meat at the crowd before the band started playing. Every now and again the fans would throw stuff back. They would throw raw meat and rubber animals. One fan threw a live bat on stage. The bat, stunned by the stage lights, did not move a muscle. Ozzy, thinking it was a rubber bat, bit the head off. After this he was promptly rushed to the hospital and was given multiple shots to prevent rabies. He also bit the head of a dove off during a CBS meeting, but this wasn't on accident. He bit the head off of the dove to induce a sort of shock factor, because he was getting angry with the managers and producers. He was also very intoxicated and/or under the influence at the time, as he explains in his recent autobiography; 'I AM OZZY'. Many critics believe that this helped to spark popularity when he began his solo career.

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Q: Did Ozzy osbourne bite the head off of a bat?
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What did Ozzy osbourne bite off?

the head of a bat

When did Ozzy Osbourne bite the head of a bat?

On 20 January 1982

Did Ozzy Osbourne bite more than one bat head off?


Did Ozzy osbourne bite the head off of a canary?

No. A dove and a bat, yes; a canary, no.

Dide Ozzy Osbourne bite a rat?

No. He's bitten the head off of a dove and a bat, but not a rat.

What year Did Ozzy osbourne bite the head off of a bat?

January 20, 1982 at Des Moines, Iowa. That memorable event was actually a mistake. Ozzy thought the bat was rubber!

Which rock star was trying to bite the head off a bat in concert when the bat decided to bite back?

i could be wrong, but i believe it was Ozzy Osbourne. source: in the movie "Little Nicky" he appears to bite a bat's head off..

Why did Ozzy osbourne bite the bat?

Because he was drunken and high and thought it was fake.

Who bit the head off a bat on stage?

ozzy osbourne

Did Ozzy osbourne eat a bat?

No he did not. He bit the head off a bat, thinking it was rubber. It was not.

What would eat a vesper bat?

Ozzy osbourne Ozzy osbourne

When Ozzy Osbourne bit the real bat which band name did he have Ozzy Osbourne or Black Sabbath?

At the time when Ozzy Osbourne bit the real bat, he had the band name Ozzy Osbourne, not Black Sabbath.

Did Ozzy osbourne eat a bat on stage?

Yes he did its on Youtube. Type in Ozzy osbourne eating a bat.

When did Ozzy bite the head off a bat?


Did Ozzy Osbourne bite the bat?

Believe it or not, he indeed bit the head off the bat and had to have extensive rabies shots. Prior to that he did the same thing to a dove. The bat affair told by Ozzy himself, is one night at a concert, they were thr0wing plastic bats and he was baiting the heads off. Somebody from the public threw a real bat and Ozzy being haigh bit his head off.

What eats a vampire bat?

ozzy osbourne

Did Ozzy Osbourne die when he bite the bat?

no he got rabies shots and thats about it , he's 63 next week on the 3rd

Did Alice cooper eat a bat head?

No. Alice Cooper has never eaten a bat head. However, Ozzy Osbourne (who is 1 year younger than Alice), has "eaten" a bat head. It happened like this: Ozzy was a bit high on drugs and was doing a concert somewhere when some fans brought in a live bat to the concert. They threw the bat onstage and Ozzy mistook it for a fake rubber bat. So he figured he might as well bite the head off. Well, that is just what he did. Needless to say, he spit out the head when he tasted blood.

Where can you see when Ozzy Osbourne bites the head off a bat while performing?

I don't think Ozzy bites the head off of bats any more. I heard that that was just a myth that it was really a dove. His wife used the dove to soften his image, but then he bite the dove's head off.

When Ozzy did interveiw for blizzard of oz did he bite the head off a dove or bat?


What rocker bit the head off a bat in Des Moines and had to endure rabies shots in 1982?

Ozzy Osbourne

Did Ozzy Osbourne have rabies?

No. After an incident in which Ozzy bit the head off of a bat (a joke gone horribly wrong during a concert) Ozzy was rushed to the hospital and was given proper Rabies shots.

Did the bat bite Ozzy back?

No the bat was dizzy and Ozzy thought it was rubber because it wasn't moving.

Why is Ozzy osbourne called th prince of darkness?

For one thing, he bit the head off a real bat during a performance!

Did Ozzy osbourne bite the head off bat?

Yes, however it was blown way out of proportion and made to seem as if Ozzy sacrifices and consumes bats on a daily basis. This is ridiculous. The occurrence was a one-time thing that happened during one of Ozzy's shows. While heavily intoxicated, he bit the head of a bat which was thrown onto the stage by someone in the audience. He later stated that he had thought the bat was fake until after he had already bit into it.