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Did Patsy Cline record the song Blue?



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No, Patsy Cline did not record Blue.

According to Bill Mack, the person who "discovered" LeAnn Rimes, he had written the song for Patsy Cline, but she never recorded it before she died. When he heard Rimes' vocal similarities to Cline, he recorded her singing the song, feeling that it were as though Cline were singing it. As a result, some people still believe that Rimes' rendition is an overdub of Cline.

I beg to differ with google and You people need to do more research before letting American Idol judges give out wrong answers. LeAnn Rimes recorded this song in 1996. In 1993 a 4 episode sci-fi show called Space Rangers had an episode with this song playing in the background from an old juke box during a discussion by 2 of the stars of the show in a bar on some back water planet. If Patsy Cline did not record the song then who did. Your answer does not match up with the dates. LeAnn Rimes would have to have recorded this song at 11 years old in order for it to have aired on that TV show in 1993. I am not a professional but I do know how to research. So my question is: Where did the recording of Patsy Cline's version of Blue come from to be used on that show?

I am not familiar with Space Rangers so I cannot say for sure that you are mistaken, but you will not find this song on any of Cline's albums. She may have performed it at some time or another, but if it was recorded, it was never released. Many of her songs have the word "blue" in them and sound similar, so is it possible it was "Lovesick Blues" or "In Care of the Blues"?

Actually, LeAnn did record "Blue" when she was 11 and you can find that version on her independent album titled "All That" which was released before her first album with Curb Records.

No, the song was written for Patsy Cline by a radio dj named Bill Mack in the early 60's but she was killed in a plane crash before she could recored it. Then, over 30 years later, he heard a little girl by the name of LeAnn Rimes sing the national anthem and thought it would be perfect for her. LeAnn was the first artist to record the song and it became a huge hit for her in 1996. "Blue" was also the title of her first major album and she went on to win a Grammy for best country vocal performance for "Blue" in 1997.