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BlueNo, Patsy Cline did not record Blue.

According to Bill Mack, the person who "discovered" Leann Rimes, he had written the song for Patsy Cline, but she never recorded it before she died. When he heard Rimes' vocal similarities to Cline, he recorded her singing the song, feeling that it were as though Cline were singing it. As a result, some people still believe that Rimes' rendition is an overdub of Cline.

I beg to differ with google and You people need to do more research before letting American Idol judges give out wrong answers. LeAnn Rimes recorded this song in 1996. In 1993 a 4 episode sci-fi show called Space Rangers had an episode with this song playing in the background from an old juke box during a discussion by 2 of the stars of the show in a bar on some back water planet. If Patsy Cline did not record the song then who did. Your answer does not match up with the dates. LeAnn Rimes would have to have recorded this song at 11 years old in order for it to have aired on that TV show in 1993. I am not a professional but I do know how to research. So my question is: Where did the recording of Patsy Cline's version of Blue come from to be used on that show?

I am not familiar with Space Rangers so I cannot say for sure that you are mistaken, but you will not find this song on any of Cline's albums. She may have performed it at some time or another, but if it was recorded, it was never released. Many of her songs have the word "blue" in them and sound similar, so is it possible it was "Lovesick Blues" or "In Care of the Blues"?

Actually, LeAnn did record "Blue" when she was 11 and you can find that version on her independent album titled "All That" which was released before her first album with Curb Records.

No, the song was written for Patsy Cline by a radio dj named Bill Mack in the early 60's but she was killed in a plane crash before she could recored it. Then, over 30 years later, he heard a little girl by the name of LeAnn Rimes sing the national anthem and thought it would be perfect for her. LeAnn was the first artist to record the song and it became a huge hit for her in 1996. "Blue" was also the title of her first major album and she went on to win a Grammy for best country vocal performance for "Blue" in 1997.

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Did Patsy Cline record the song True Love?

Yes, in 1961

Did Patsy Cline ever sing the song Blue on a tv show?


When was Imagine That - Patsy Cline song - created?

Imagine That - Patsy Cline song - was created in 1962.

Did Patsy Cline ever record satin sheets?

No. Patsy Cline died in that tragic plane crash in March of 1963. Ten years later, the song would be a hit for Jeannie Pruit.

Who sang the song crazy?

Patsy Cline

Who sang the pop song titled Crazy?

Patsy Cline

The year the song Crazy by Patsy Cline came out?

Late 1961

Who sang the original country and western song crazy?

Patsy Cline

What singer was the country song Blue originally written for?

The song, "Blue," was originally for Patsy Cline. But, Patsy died, before she had the chance to record it. The writer would eventually make money off from Leanne Rimes version, and it would boost her career. However, the songwriter did a disservice to the other females in country music by not allowing them to record it. Many people believe, Reba McEntire could have done it better.

Did Patsy Cline ever record 'Stand By Your Man'--the song made famous by Tammy Wynette?

'Stand By Your Man' was co-written by Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill and first released in 1968; Patsy Cline was killed in a plane crash in 1963.

Does Patsy Cline have a song with the word unicorn in it?

If she did, it was lost or just never released. Being a country music fan since 1966, and a big fan of Patsy Cline, I never have heard any song recorded by her using the word unicorn.

Who sang blue before leann rimes?

LeAnn was the first to sing her hit Blue, it was offered to Patsy Cline but she declined to record it. It was written by Legendary Country DJ Bill Mack. Bill Macks biggest moment in music came in 1997 when his song, "BLUE", made LeAnn Rimes and he won a Grammy when it was voted "The Country Song Of The Year", the highest honor that can be bestowed on a songwriter. Correction 1: Patsy didn't decline to record it. She died before she even heard the song. Bill Mack, the writer never had the chance to give it to Patsy. Correction 2: Leann Rimes was not the first to record the song. Bill Mack and Kenny Roberts each recorded versions of the song in the 1960s and Australian singer Katheryn Pitt released a version of the song in 1993.

Patsy Cline sang how many Willie Nelson songs?

Patsy Cline sang "Crazy", written by Willie Nelson. (Wikipedia). "Crazy" became the #1 jukebox song of all time according to Wikipedia.

What is the meaning of the Song San Antonio Rose by Patsy Cline?

It's about a lost love referred to as the singer's "rose of San Antone."

Who wrote blue oh so lonesome for you?

Bill Mack originally wrote that song for Patsy Cline back in the 1950's. She was going to record it when unfortunately she was taken from this by a plane crash. When Leann was discovered at a talent show in Oklahoma, Bill mack heard a demo tape of her voice and thought "damn she's just like Patsy" and the rest is history. Leann has covered nearly all of Patsy's catalog. But nobody will ever sing as rich and full as Patsy.

Who sings the song with the lyrics- he called me baby baby all night long- not Patsy Cline this is recent?

candi staton

Who wrote the song crazy and when?

'Crazy' was written by Willie Nelson and first recorded by Patsy Cline in 1961. 'Crazy' is also the name of a song written and performed by Seal in 1991.

Does leann rimes have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

Hell No - you have to do more than have one hit and remake a hit song by the famous Patsy Cline

What were some of Patsy Cline's most popular songs?

Crazy, released by Patsy Cline on October 16, 1961 is her most famous song. The song was written by another country superstar, Willie Nelson. She has also had major hits with Walkin' After Midnight and I Fall to Pieces.

Who sings Crazy with Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline?

Patsy Cline had the most sought after backup group for all recording artist, The Jordanaires. The Jordanaires was a gospel music group, but, after recording backup with Elvis Presley, artist in all types of music wanted them to sing backup for them as well. I'm not sure who backs up Willie Nelson. I do know he wrote the song, and it was a smash hit for Patsy.

Where can i find karaoke song you belong to me in the style of Patsy Cline?

I didn't find ''You Belong to Me'' in karaoke songs yet but you should take a look to There is Crazy, I Fall to Pieces and Walking after Midnight in the Patsy Cline section available in karaoke files. You can even play them online if you have Quick Time Player installed! Hope it helps!

What are songs well known by Patsy Cline?

I Go to Pieces ( grim humor) song is not about vehicular accidents. ( sadly, many rock songs are)- but it might be grimly prophetic.

What song was popularized by Elmo and patsy?

Elmo and Patsy, a comedy duo, popularized the song Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer in 1984. It has become an all-time favorite Christmas novelty record since then.

What is the name of the song sung by a woman like in the 1950's or 60's that says crazy crazy for you It's sort of melancholy?

crazy - by Patsy Cline

Who sings the 1960s song 'Crazy'?

This was Patsy Cline. Written by Willie Nelson. Released 1961. UK Charts number 14 and in the US Charts number 9

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