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yes because he was very good at his job

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Q: Did People Like Thomas Jefferson When He Was President?
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DID Thomas Jefferson like what he did when he was a president?


What was Thomas Jefferson's reason for running for president?

Thomas Jefferson ran for president because he wanted to show people civil rights like Abraham Lincoln.

Which President like to wear pajamas in a meeting?

Thomas Jefferson

Did Thomas Jefferson like people?

he loved people

How would Thomas Jefferson like to be remembered?

That he was the 3rd president of the US.

What does Thomas Jefferson look like?

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States. He had white curly hair and had a lean body type.

How was Thomas Jefferson a bad president and why?

Thomas Jefferson was the worst president ever even though I'm wight I think slavery is the worst thing in the world id rather be killed then for slavery to happen again I love black people there just like wight people

What did the American flag look like when Thomas Jefferson was president?

it had 15stars and 13 stripes.

Which president banned yellow from the White House because did not like the color?

Thomas Jefferson.

Which president like to greet foreign ambassadors while wearing pajamas?

Thomas Jefferson :)

What did Thomas Jefferson like?

Thomas Jefferson Liked math and reading he also liked art and science

What did Thomas Jefferson achieve from when he was president?

because he fought in one of the wars like the frist preisdent.

Who would Thomas Jefferson like to see?

he would like to see people Be good

Did Thomas Jefferson have any facial hair?

Did Thomas Jefferson have any facial hair? No. Thomas Jefferson once quoted that he did not like that.

What was the economy like during Thomas Jefferson's presidency?

What was the economy like during Thomas Jefferson presidency What was the economy like during Thomas Jefferson presidency

Why Was Thomas Jefferson a strict constructionist?

Thomas Jefferson did loose constructionist like things, But Thomas was a strict constructionist.

What president played the violin?

Thomas Jefferson played violin, cello, and clavichord (a small piano-like instrument).

What was President Jackson like being president?

President Jackson was elected the 3rd president. Thomas Jefferson was not just a president but an inventor as well. The first thing Jefferson did was lowered the taxes and reduced the size of the army. He bought the French's land of Louisiana so the french had money to fight great Britian. This land that Thomas Jefferson bought is called the Louisiana Purchase. The US started by adding 530 acres.

Did any one want to kill Thomas Jefferson?

i am sure there are people that didn't like him

What president did not like Thanksgiving?

"President Thomas Jefferson opposed the idea of having a day of thanksgiving fearing the sanction of the government for religion." See link.

Was Thomas Jefferson a good slave owner?

Yes! Thomas Jefferson treated his slaves like they were family.

Who did Thomas Jefferson not like?

he did not like hamilton

What was of the reasons that people like Thomas Jefferson opposed the creation of a national bank?

hes gay

How did Thomas Jefferson commonly refer to Native Americans?

Thomas Jefferson had a mainly positive few of Native Americans for the time and believed them to be intelligent people. He possessed a certain intellectual curiosity about them and showed no signs of hatred. Jefferson, like the people of his time, called them Indians.

Thomas Jefferson Life?

what was Thomas Jefferson Life like? how many kids did he have? how many wifes did he have? how long has he Lived?